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This FAQ is now replicated, extended and superseded by the one on the Blue Room Wiki, here.


The Blue Room Sound FAQ



Looking for Secondhand Audio Equipment?


1. You've tried Google and it's friends? No, well stick 'secondhand audio equipment' into a search engine and prepare to be amazed at how many results you get. Narrow it down by adding your country, region or nearest large town.


2. e-bay is full of the stuff.


3. Failing the above, here is a list of a few regular dealers in professional audio equipment, it's by no means complete and biased towards the UK...


10 out of 10

AC Lighting


APR Audio

Bob Kelly





LMC Audio

Orbital Sound


Stage Electrics


Used Lighting

Used StageSound


...if you know of any more who regularly have equipment for sale then let us know.



Looking for the Pin Out for a Connector?


Tom Baldwin's Site



Looking for a Sound Hire Company?


Visit our Friends at Stagelink



Computer Based Playback anyone?

See Computer Based Playback.


Where can I get sound effects?

Users should check any relevant licensing they need is in place if planning to use any effect in their shows.

See Sound Effects.




Shure's Theatre Guide (1.5Mb PDF File)

Loads of other Stuff on the Shure Website



Radiomic Licensing


JFMG who deal with licensing radio mics

This post summarises the situation as March 2006.




Minidisc recorders are getting rarer and rarer. A good unit which is still available is the Tascam MD-350.



Recommended Reading


Click here to go to the Recommended Reading topic.



What sound equipment should I buy / hire for my school / college / church / village hall / other small venue or system?


A number of ideas and opinions on this subject can be found in the following threads...


speakers and amps

PA Advice

Radio Mics?

Amps And Speakers, good quality second hand stuff

Looking For A New Desk

Small desk, 4-5 channels, **cheap**, help?

New Kit - Suggestions please, Merged

Budget sound, Good sound on a small budget

Suspending/Flying Mics

New mixer advice, £200 - £250

sound hire, education

Live PA Mixing Desks?, Freind Starting out needs Advice

PA Mxing Desk, Serious advice needed..

A New PA, What to go for?

Radio mic advice

Best value dynamic wired mics?

Recording A Choir, What kit do I need?

PA system for school

Live Band sound, in a 200 capacity hall

New Pa advice needed, What do you think we need?

150w-200w small speakers?

Radio Mics, Revisited

Advice needed, FA101 and other equipment...

Microphone help

mixer advice, what should I buy?

Micing for school play, just to check again

Sound for a band, HELP

Active speakers for a small school, Suggestions please?

£4000 What to buy?, A new PA for my School

Buying small PA System

12-16 channel mixer, Budget £400-£500 for a church

tiny mixers

Sports Halls

Best value radio mic kit, What to buy?!

Small mixer for connection to Mac, Music facility

PA system for Contemporary church

How much power?

digital snake for house of worship help

Choice of general cover mics, Overhead/Boundry/Rifles?

All in one PA units, Wireless mic, input for cd

UHF radio mics…, Which system for around £230 ex vat?

Having Your Own Gear

Church PA Equipment, What to buy to expand with 1.2k

Small pa for solo musician

Looking for reliable CD- Deck, for school

Computerised Sound, What can we get for £800?

Digital Sound desk for school, Some advice please

Help with improving venue acoustics, Damping reflections

Small Monitors

what mixing desk?

Seeking advice: interesting charity sound installation

70W - 120W Amplifiers

Recommendations for installation and accoustics, Church redevelopment project will involve some serious work

Mixing desk, which one?




If you have any suggestions for more useful information then please PM me.

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As it says at the top, in suitably huge letters:


This FAQ is now replicated, extended and superseded by the one on the Blue Room Wiki, here.


This version remains for historical interest, and as a placeholder. You are encouraged to refer to, and contribute to, the wiki version.

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