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    Freelance pyrotechnician and designer of pyrotechnic firing systems. BPA Level 2 Firer. "Wetter of Young Enthusiast's Fireworks." (Thanks LS&I) I have an engineering background and my main business is running a company which designs and manufactures products for the professional entertainment industries, as well as consulting for a number of other companies. I worked in the broadcast industry for 30 or so years both as a manufacturer and as a broadcaster. I've been involved in the launch of 20 or so satellite TV channels. I've built edit suites, video studios, transmission chains, OB vehicles and audio facilities. I built my first microprocessor board in 1979.
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    Brian Fairchild

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    East Cambridgeshire
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    My musical tastes could be described as varied with my CD collection running from 'traditional' classical (Beethoven, Prokofiev) through 'modern' classical (Bruckner, Simpson) through 'dad' rock (Pink Floyd, Genesis) through to dance (Faithless, Chemical Brothers) via pop (Dido, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lightning Seeds) and rock (Placebo, Doves). In fact almost anything, especially when live (and loud).

    My film tastes run to the likes of Leon, Hunt for Red October, Ronin, Alien(s). I don't need a happy ending.

    For theatre I prefer smaller, more intimate, productions. I am a great fan of the smaller touring companies.

    If you ever want to buy me a meal then my first choice would have to be Indonesian though you'll never go wrong with a good curry. My favourite restaurant is in Amsterdam.

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  1. I've got about 8 S4 bodies that I no longer want and can't be bothered to put on ebay. I'm offering them in batches of 4, plus whatever's left over. Some might need a simples repair, I have some spare parts. COLLECTION ONLY from 15 miles north of Cambridge. If they aren't gone in 4 weeks then they go in the skip. If you are interested then send me a PM saying why you would like them. Preference given to community groups and similar. I repeat - NO LENSES. If you wanted to make a cash donation to my beer fund, all well and good. If you don't, that's perfectly fine. It won't sway my decision.
  2. You realise that by screwing the top surface to the bottom you totally undo any effect that the insulating layer has?
  3. https://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/people/family-of-peterborough-man-killed-in-firework-factory-explosion-call-for-justice-as-firm-wont-have-to-pay-ps500000-fine-despite-safety-breaches-4101376
  4. Forget the driver for the moment. Are these found (3mm?) LED tubes current or voltage driven? What current will they take?
  5. BUT...the supplier will need to do extra paperwork. And if they aren't regularly doing it have probably decided it's just not worth the effort.
  6. Doesn't the equipment which is being cable tied in place have cable running to it?
  7. If you look carefully you will see that the cable is not a flexible 'mic' cable but an installation cable, in this case FST. As such, there is no strain on the screen as the whole thing will be laced within the rack. I've probably been responsible for the termination of over 50k cables, so 100k connectors, in this fashion and can't remember a single failure.
  8. That's why the tag should ONLY be connected on equipment, so that the ground continues onto the connector and surrounds the termination.
  9. Really? There's doubt? It's very clear. BS7671 states, in 521.11.201... ...and in Note 2 to the above...
  10. BS7671 for fixed installations, and by extension BS7909 for temporary installations, contains various requirements that in the event of a fire all cabling and equipment is to stay where it was so as to not introduce additional hazards for the fire service. [E2A] So you'll also be in breach of your premises licence.
  11. In all the service manuals they refer to a HAL506, however this is long discontinued. I had to replace a couple in some 250XT washes and if my notes are correct I used a SM451R.
  12. Brian

    Fire effect

    What was the White Light fire effect ground row called?
  13. You need a copy of "Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment" jointly published by the ABTT, the District Surveyors Association and the Institute of Licencing.
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