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  1. I picked up a “UniPaint” one in a local art shop today. Not tried it yet, but it’s got the right smell!
  2. Thanks Jon @J Pearce Looks like it's a "paint pen" I need rather than sharpie. Is there any particular one you use - CPC has an Ambersil one and two different types of Edding ones - the 790 series and 750. https://cpc.farnell.com/ambersil/6190050001/paint-marker-pen-white-3mm-nib/dp/LM00709 https://cpc.farnell.com/edding/790-049/paint-marker-white/dp/LM00958 https://cpc.farnell.com/edding/750-049/marker-paint-white/dp/LM00338
  3. I tend to write my initials and phone number in sharpie on the back of small bits of kit - mains extensions, DIs, that sort of thing. It's really just to ID them when packing up, and also a hope that should I leave something behind, it'll eventually get back to me. It's not a "security thing", as it'll come off with a wipe of solvent. I've always used black sharpie on light coloured items, and silver on black. However, the most recent silver sharpie I bought seemed different from previous ones. The ink took ages to dry, and even a day later would still smudge if rubbed. I don't remember previous ones being like that. Does anyone have a recommendation for a white/silver marker or paint pen that works well in this situation.
  4. Looks to be not dissimilar to https://uk.farnell.com/alps/rk09k1130c94/pot-rotary-100k-17mm-20/dp/1191742- although that has a 25mm shaft. or https://uk.farnell.com/bourns/ptv09a-4225f-b104/pot-rotary-100k-9mm-20/dp/2663538
  5. The post is here - if you click on the posters you may be able to message them if they are still forum users. But it was over 16 years ago.... https://www.blue-room.org.uk/topic/22756-alan-pyne/ -
  6. I've got a set of these lying in the garage, awaiting a minor repair. Not an electronic/audio repair so I can't help you on that side - my repair will involve screws and epoxy.... Usual faultfinding questions: Are both units making the noise or just one? Do they do it with no input connected? Is the power supply clean? Do they make the noise when in a different location? Are there any (eg) fluorescent light fittings nearby? If it's any help, these units were sold under several brand/badges - the one I'm looking at is also C-Ray/8, but badged IMG Stageline. They sound OK for what they are, but don't go particularly loud.
  7. bruce

    X32 Problem

    I have attempted SMP repairs twice. After each one ended in a bang, I decided to not do them again. So last time I needed one done (A Zero88 frog desk I think!) I passed the job on to a mate who is a very experienced electronic engineer. That also ended in a bang....
  8. I was about to say "yes, delay on mains and the Aux outputs. That's what the spec says. Then I thought, I'll power the thing up and check. And I couldn't find the setting! Took me a few mins to get there ... I had sort of assumed that it would be on the "Processing > Output" pages - that' where you find the Parametric/Graphic, the auto-feedback processor, the EQ and limiter for each output channel. But the delay is on the "Config>Output" page - which is also where to set whether the output is pre or post fade etc. The one awkward thing about using the aux outputs for delays is that if you want it to be a delayed replica of FOH, you'd need to set the aux channels to be post-fade, then set all the aux faders at 0dB. However, the main L/R fader will not impact that aux; you may want a single fader controlling your main levels and the delays. The unit at present does not have DCA groups, which would give you this functionality - it's one of the most requested features on the A&H forum. The other one that's regularly requested is mute groups. Both rumoured to be "in the pipeline for a future firmware release" - at present both can be implemented via MixingStation, but not with the A&H native tools. First impressions of the unit are very positive, but not used it in a real world gig yet.
  9. I didn't realise that MixingStation supported the CQ. That's potentially a game changer. Anyway - have ordered one.
  10. I'd be interested to hear how you get on with it.
  11. The Crown PCC-160 is pretty much the industry standard boundary mic for stage aprons. Also apparently useful for pulpits and lecterns, although I've never used them for that. Hypercardioid boundary mic in a bomb-proof case. Now branded AKG, since they took over Crown. £371 new at Thomann. Canford are 500+VAT. https://www.thomann.de/gb/crown_pcc160.htm I have 3 available which are surplus to requirements. Two are PCC-160, in good used condition. The third is actually a PCC-200, exactly the same mic with a built-in (adjustable) gate. It works well, although has some external wear. 3x 5m cables, 1x pouch Thought I'd offer them here before going to Facebook/eBay. £150 each or all 3 for £350.
  12. Has anyone had hands-on experience of the Allen & Heath CQ mixers? Any thoughts/experiences/opinions? https://www.allen-heath.com/hardware/cq/
  13. Never used it myself, but a pal has a few of the Alto Stealth units - the basic single channel ones. https://www.thomann.de/gb/alto_stealth_1.htm - basically an "XLR-on-steroids sized connector. You also get a stereo ("Pro") version. Several similar products on the market, some sell additional receivers so can drive 4x speakers off 2 channels. One thing he grumbled about was batteries - the alto one apparently runs for "more than 4 hours on an AA" - so you'll be feeding them batteries every gig, or using an external psu. The Alto ones run on channel 70, so will be competing with radio mics for frequencies.
  14. Or on the full browser, click the "follow" button up at the top.
  15. I once received a large cardboard box, couriered from the US. Inside was a large volume of polystyrene chips, and buried deep in the middle a very large Jiffy bag. Inside the Jiffy bag was a polythene envelope, which contained a paper A4 envelope. Inside that envelope was a piece of paper with a license code. A code that they had emailed to me a week earlier.
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