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Safety Forum FAQ


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This FAQ is now replicated on the Blue Room Wiki, here.


Disclaimer: This is an internet forum, and as such is only a source of informal and casual advice. The Blue Room accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy or mistakes in this FAQ, which is offered in good faith and contains only links to previous Blue Room discussions which are not guaranteed to be the final word. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, or if you just like suing people, employ someone with money to answer your questions.



Do I have to replace all my Safety Chains with Steel Wire Rope Safety Bonds?


What do SWL and WLL mean?


I've seen a dangerous practice. What should I do?


Do I have to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?


Can I disable the fire alarm when using the smoke machine?


Is it possible to suspend people on stage, or is it too dangerous?


How do I write a risk assessment?


Is it OK to move a Tallescope with someone in the basket?


Are there any rules relating to strobes?


Are there any rules relating to using guns on stage?


What are the rules about Working At Height?


What's the deal on emergency exit signs?


What are students in schools allowed to do, legally?


How do you calculate loads on trusses?


Can I use a real candle on stage?


If you have anything to contribute on any of the subjects above, please add your post to the existing thread. If you feel any of the existing posts are seriously wrong or misleading, please use the "report" button to bring them to the attention of the moderators.

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As it says at the top, in suitably huge letters:


This FAQ is now replicated, extended and superseded by the one on the Blue Room Wiki, here.


This version remains for historical interest, and as a placeholder. You are encouraged to refer to, and contribute to, the wiki version.

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