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Mic stand thread extender.


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Had a quick look through the usual suspects' sites but as yet haven't come up with a solution...


Friend of mine has a quick-release cast-based mic stand - the sort with a trigger grip rather than a twist to allow her to slide the stick up/down to suit.

She's just bought one of those retro mics with the cable entry moulded at a slight angle, the 50s style... But when she screws the head onto the stand, there's not quite enough room to plug in the XLR as it fouls on the grip.

So I've been looking for an extender which has a female 3/8 thread to screw on first and then a male 3/8 thred on top to give her maybe half an inch or so more that she needs...


Any thoughts?

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Or else get one of each flavour of thread adaptor and put them back to back with superglue to hold them together?

That's my fall-back option anyway if the actual adaptor doesn't exist.

And tbh, I guess it's not something that is going to be in huge demand, so unlikely...





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You do know that neither of the two standard mic stand threads are metric- right?

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I was going to suggest a quick release adaptor might work as well as giving a bit of an easier time of getting the mic on and off?


Our lead singer has a Shure 55 and has one of these quick release adapters, but it is a bit tricky to get the XLR in with this screwed in as it is quite large in diameter.

We had to put a fine-coarse and then a coarse-fine adapter back to back to extend it as bruce mentioned.

One other option may be a right angle XLR if the stand is getting in the way?

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