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  1. Hire a cable manager? 😉
  2. Almost certainly beyond economic repair
  3. I really don’t remember sorry. This was probably 2019. We were obviously nowhere near each other but I don’t recall it being a problem for conversation so it couldn’t have been super high?
  4. I’ve used Mumble with a local Murmr server before for local Comms (between a hospital operating theatre and an auditorium) and not had any issues
  5. You could try the Chamsys fixture finder?
  6. Probably. Usually. Most of the time. (Until it doesn’t…)
  7. Yes, I ageee. But, if the OP is really still keen on the Soundcraft because of the HTML5 thing, useful information 😊
  8. The UI24 is reportedly much better, with vastly improved preamps
  9. The more professional Chauvet stuff is definitely worth a look
  10. The (acetate) gobo would normally go in the gate of the fixture, where the focus point it- same place the shutters are. Heat shield gel is generally used in the front of the fixture in the gel slot.
  11. Do you have the IEM kit already? Probably going to be a process that requires a lot of adjustment for your performers in rehearsal time. Might be better to rent rather than buy in case it doesn’t work out
  12. That’s a good question. I’ve had the misfortune to use the XR18 and needed to delay the outputs; there was a workaround with the FX engines and some extra XLR patch cables…
  13. Halogen work light won’t fit the “not blinding” part of the brief… they spray light everywhere
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