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  1. Fixed that bit for you 😄
  2. Does anyone have a link to known and proven high temp acetate sheets that might survive a hotter burning LED profile beam? Had reasonable success with standard acetate in the past with the Chauvet EVE Z 50 spots, but using some of their Obsession E260 open white units earlier today and the images burned through within seconds of the lamps being powered up... Whether that's to do more with the beam focus (they weren't focussed before the gobos went in) or just the fact that there's just way too much heat for rthem in this way is as yet unproven. But feedback anyone with any specific experience would be appreciated.
  3. Update - looks like I found a source in Tamworth who can hopefully sort this in the morning so hopefully all good. 😄
  4. Urgent query... Does anyone have a couple of Chauvet DJ EVE 50 profiles available anywhere near the midlands for this week? Got a show at the Spa Centre in Leamington and could do with a couple to match the 3 that are already available. If you could PM me asap if poss that would be great. Thanks.
  5. There's a LOT of info out there on fire retardency of soft goods in events scenarios, so feel free to use Google (other search tools are available) to whet your whistle on what they all say - which will be pretty much the same. Every venue or space has to have their own fire safety policy in place and these days it's up to the local H & S guy/team to compile that to suit the venue and the type of events they'll be hosting. Part of that WILL be to at the very least dictate the level of FR of any drapes to be used either in-house or brought in by contractors. It will then be the contractor's responsibility to a) read and abide by the local policy based on how the soft goods will be used and b) ensure that any contracted in hired goods comply with the conditions from the venue. This means that if YOU bring in un-FR materials alongside ANYTHING that is capable of generating combustible heat ** such as tungsten LX kit, then it is YOU who would likely be liable under legal proceedings should your gear cause an incident/fire etc. ** Let's not forget the adage that ANYTHING electrical can be a smoke machine if used wrongly or found sufficiently faulty... 😮 So IMHO any supplier who is sending out drapes on a regular basis MUST be doing so with a specified level of FR certification.
  6. Already been playing with TinkerCAD
  7. Oooh - that looks interesting.... Thanks.
  8. I'm a little late to the game here, but want to start playing with 3D printing, specifically at first to create block items I can use when designing my stage sets. So before I spend a lot of time trying to make .stl files for basic items, does anyone have the files available for - eg - Litedeck pieces and scaff legs I can use as a basis? Or even scenic flats?
  9. We bought a couple from RS I believe but it was some years ago now. I'll try and find the link if I can
  10. Depending on the timescales and budget I MAY be able to put something together for you. Would you want the LEDs inside to twinkle, or just be 'on' as a static colour or have a colour fade facility? Makes a difference to the practicality of a standalone thing or something that needs a bit more control mechanism...
  11. Ynot

    Ripple tanks

    Pete Watts (Live LX up here in the midlands) used to have a couple - I had them from him a couple of years ago (and repaired one of them 🙂 ) but not sure if he still has them. Pete's also a member here but not a regular contributor. Getting them down to Dorset might be an expensive option tho unless he has a gig anywhere close...
  12. This has been posted on the Set Exchange mailing list...
  13. I still remember those halcyon days when I was a mere spotty faced teen back in the late 70s when I discovered electronics magazines (ETI, anyone?) and when I started work in '78 I could afford to actually mail-order components from Maplin to build some interesting projects. There weren't many places available to me to get such things (Tandy - ugh..) though I did find a little shop in the precinct in Coventry (Electronic Services, I think) that did stock a surprisingly wide range of bits - though Maplin beat them hands down on price.
  14. Surely that is down to what the customer wants, regardless of pricing differences. If both/all slightly differing product specs cost the same to them to buy in and sell on, then what's the problem?? Your own design specs may have lower component tolerances meaning it matters not which you use BUT there may be others out there to whom it DOES make a difference. I could understand your point if it were the other way, with fewer component options available, but this view just seems to be a pointless complaint...
  15. Hang on - you're saying that you have mains cable running the data to your fixtures? If nothing else, that won't be near the correct impedance for DMX, and where you're having data issues, that would be the first thing to rip out and re-do properly... Unless I misunderstand your OP
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