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Expensive Cables


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I never thought it could happen but expensive cables have recently caused me a personal connundrum.


Over the weekend, I visited my younger brother in Ottawa--where he proudly showed me his home cinema set up complete with expensive interconnects and Monster Cables to all the speakers. He asked my opinion of his cabling....


Bearing in mind it was the first time I've seen my brother in 32 years and we were being very nice to each other, what would YOU have said?


Answers on a post card please!



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"wow you havnt cut any corners on these cables"


Nice approach, complementing without deriding.


And of course, most super expensive cables will do no harm (other than to your wallet). And there is a tangible emotional pleasure in seeing funky looking cables, so don't deride that too much.


More tricky is whether or not you discuss how much money he could have saved to get the same result...

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Well I've just put my entire stock of mains and speaker cables in a large freezer for 10 hours and tried them on my Tubo rig !

And I must admit........ they were indeed COLD !


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Am now having trouble coiling them up !

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Cable: 20Amps, OFC copper with active shield

• Connectors: Audiophile-grade, 24ct gold-plated, cryogenically treated



"in many ways superior in performance to a massive 12,000VA isolating transformer"


available from April priced at £875!!!


At that price, I'm gonna buy two! :unsure: :unsure: :) ;) :D :D :D



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I love reading these sorts of articles...


As well as removing any audible hum from an amplifier, Syncro’s synchronising effect results in greater bass depth, improved timing, a reduction in the noise floor and a more palpable sound overall.
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