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Expensive Cables


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I once went to one of those hi-fi shows they do in hotels and out of curiosity went into a demo by a leading expensive cable manufacturer. They were demo-ing their range of expensive IEC leads. They had a hi-fi that amounted to over £100k of cd player, amp and speakers.


They swapped the power lead to the amp, using a standard cheapo cable, one of their entry level IEC cables (about £200) and their top of the range IEC, costing over £1000.


I was amazed that you really could hear a difference. Honestly, it was quite noticeable. I also noticed that each of the cables was plugged into a specifc socket on a "filtered" socket strip. When I asked if they would swap the sockets, so their top of the range would be plugged into the socket where the cheapo one was plugged into they refused. I pointed out, quite vocally in the packed hotel room, that they could possibly have nobbled the socket strip to either reduce the voltage or add significant harmonics on the mais supply delivered by the cheapo cable and thus upset the power supply in the amp, and that what they were doing wasn't a fair comparison. I was promptly asked to leave by security :D How rude !



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I have a ham license which provides the opertunity for much amusement at hifi shows, a couple of watts on 144 or 432Mhz (SSB is best) from a ht while casually leaning on a booth of the sort that houses kit that thinks DC to daylight is a good thing in an audio amp, watch the tears from the saleschildren as their shiny kit buzzes, hums and crackles.


A landrover FFR parked outside with a clark mast and 400W on 40M is also good for a giggle for much the same reasons, especially as most hifi gear lacks ssb demodulators so you cannot typically understand what is being said.


It is tempting to think that many of the sites advocating this stuff are satire, the problem being you can never be quite sure which is pulling the plonker and which is supposed to be taken seriously.



73 Dan.

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