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  1. Rental places are the obvious way in, and the bigger ones will have a bit of a programme of work, spend a day in a department.
  2. yeh its a bit puney. they do have a 60w one that looks a bit more like, if anyone remembers the ikea gobo light. Its obviously quite hard to say "it needs to be x" when we dont have a spec for anything. Current solution is a 6k lumen projector which is very sledgehammery.
  3. Not the maddest idea. I think that s4jr might even be too big.
  4. Yeh. kinda want something smaller. MY googlefu is kicking in now and I found this https://www.thomann.de/se/eurolite_led_ip_lp_7_logo_projector.htm but I don't think its gonna be THAT bright. at only 60 quid maybe its worth the gamble and also try the bigger brother
  5. I am looking for possibly an elusive fixture. Needed Bright - think s4 575 / 750 - enough to be seen in a normal lit room small - s4 junior size or smaller - I imagine in a super ideal world a mini s4 image projector - here is the issue, ideally something like a pacific where we could print image and use in the gate OR something like a projector where we could upload some JPG/PNG and project. Inside and possibly outside use, but outside we could maybe solve with another solution. A few times now we have had clients looking for image projector but all of 0 info "I want a image on a wall". Projector is too big or too much, but now its 3 days before the gig and they are still trying to decide what to use and now they cant get the artwork so its too late for gobos.
  6. was just thinking that. Depending how precious you are about looks something like AX3 would be perfect , print a small holder and slot them in job done.
  7. Oddly scrollers 5 years ago or so were still used by whitelight . might be a thing they are interested in as lots of the london shows just keep up what they had, or did. Though now phantom will close I assume most shows are some form of intelligent unit.
  8. The reason I ask JUST mics is amptown have quite a good option of a massive case for all the stands and cables as a "on stage" package. which is MASSIVE but great. They also have some ideas that are mics in what are more like "overhead locker" cases like the larger peli but a flight case. removable trays etc. Im sure 5star or similar in the uk can come up with something if you have issues around the whole customs thing.
  9. and version I have some for my printer that apparently are not the type or size that are correct Dam things seem to be impossible to know what is "right!
  10. It feels like something interspace might do. Maybe depending on your budget.
  11. I would 100% be calling JEM Service. they are great and really useful. I have serviced quite a few, We seem to have an issue with clogs in the element. lots of cleaning should help. You dont have any liquid in the floor of the unit ?
  12. I have been trying to start to implement at work that "if you cant do it send to someone who can" which is easy for a company to say I guess. But we have cables that someone took the end off, or lights that need some lube on. not MAJOR fixes but its still time and effort to fix. Units like yours, is it worth it? In the time you have fixed them all. would you have used them a few times ? would a week fixing mean that you get a year more? half ? Importantly are they missed ? We have some old dimmers and PDU that need breakers fixing, but its been a year, we have lasted without them? Sure. Those 5 stands that need new wedges and feet that have been workshopped for 4 years ? its a few 100 in parts and labour but we never run out of stands.
  13. Maybe they do both. The only Maltbury I have used is 1x2.
  14. maltbury ? has that kinda textile trash packing fabric under that removes tonnes. AND its in metric!
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