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PA Speaker(/Amp) Buying


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11 hours ago, ANDYLASER said:

Get a wheel board for moving heavy items.



On 5/30/2024 at 11:21 PM, richardash1981 said:


  • By car – the whole system, including mixer etc., needs to go in a biggish saloon (at the moment speakers are strapped on the back seat along with Yamaha 01V mixer in a flight case).
  • Loaded / unloaded by one (reasonably fit) person – nothing which needs a 2-person lift acceptable.
  • Wheels don’t help a lot because everything has to lift into vehicle (and potentially up stairs etc.)



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I think I've talked myself round to where you all started - a pair of EV ZLX12P, and consider a sub (maybe a second hand ZxA1-Sub) if needed.
Then I looked on ebay and found a pair of good looking ELX112P for the same money - wooden cabinets, similar ratings, slightly heavier. New price on these is significantly more, so worth it for a trade up? Going to have to sleep on it, and figure out collecting.

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