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Chinese LED lighting - pros and cons


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Have had some wacky tracking details in past, packages taking world tour on their way🙂

Thing to remember is lot of Chinese are just small businesses like us, not out to rip anyone off, just trying to establish working relationships with customers. Capable of making anything equal of Western goods, if you're prepared to pay for it, but generally us customers want cheap, they can do that too...

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Linked to this topic - I'm having a little battle with Ebay's Global Shipping Programme - A large purchase from the US of a product, and the system basically slaps on the UK VAT to the price at the point you pay - They have charged the 20% but cannot seem to supply me with a VAT document saying it's been paid on my behalf. UPS Fedex etc will all do this so the input tax can be accounted for. Ebay have charged me VAT, but can't produce anything I can use to reclaim it. Anyone else discovered this? Hopefully there will be a system. The best they could do was show the VAT in the import box, and show VAT as 0% There are only two options import duty and VAT. Surely they must be able to provide something?

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