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Pneumatic Castors


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We have some heavy items that need to be moved across stage to be danced on! We want a system, where the crew could operate a button that activates some pneumatic cylinders to push the wheels down an inch. And similarly retract them once in place leaving the platform stable. Has anyone used anything like this and if so can you let us have details of the apparatus you used please.
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The actual pneumatic ones are quite costly, Flints sell them, and the type that jack using a lever.



I don't know if you could manufacture your own pneumatic castor with several of the ones above?


anything pneumatic will make some noise when releasing or lifting.

I did a gig in Bolton where a chunk of seating was on pneumatic gliders but used a building site style tow along compressor.

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Depending on the size of your truck, and how quickly you need to apply and release the braking system, how about using one or two car scissor jacks, or some caravan legs? Quieter than a pneumatic system, possibly quicker and easier than a pallet truck, and far simpler than both pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
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The easiest answer is to find a local pnuematics place and talk to them. They should be able to advise on some rams with a small stroke (1" / 25mm is generally enough) and a suitable load capacity. Just bolt the castors to one end of the rams and the other end to the set truck. After that you'll need a small air tank (capacity will depend on the number of moves before refilling), a valve arrangement and some hose. We plumb these up so connecting the tank to the rams extends them (ie lifts the set piece into the rolling position) and venting lowers it to a secure position.

Assuming that the tank is charged before the show, the only noise is a brief (1 second) "hiss" when the rams are vented.

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