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EU bands to pay to tour UK

kerry davies

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EU artists and entertainers will need visas to perform in the United Kingdom from January 2021, the Home Office has said.


The department announced Tuesday that artists and sports players from the EU would be subject to the same rules that currently apply to their non-EU peers once the Brexit transition comes to an end in December.

This visa is expected to cost £244, and on top of that applicants must reportedly also prove that they have £1,000 in savings 90 days before even applying for it.

All of this is manageable though the planning and admin will cost money but the real problem is reciprocity. If the UK government thinks it can get pedantic about border crossings then they are too young to remember what it was like dealing with Austrian customs officers determined to out-jobsworth the Germans. The Home Office confirm that this applies to all touring crew and artists.


The MU has a petition for all the good that will do.

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From the UK Govs guidelines...




The UK already attracts world class artists, entertainers and musicians and we will continue to do so in the future. The UK’s existing rules permit artists, entertainers and musicians to perform at events and take part in competitions and auditions for up to six months. They can receive payment for appearances at certain festivals or for up to a month for a specific engagement, without the need for formal sponsorship or a work visa.
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