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  1. Non-exam activities in schools depend on (usually) ONE member of staff. In my school, the No. 2 maths teacher was a great keyboards and organ player and restored his own Compton theatre organ. He and the (classical) music teacher worked the music for shows until No 2 maths moved 20 miles to be head of maths. You have to realise that putting in a 16hour day interests people UNTIL they get offered head of department elsewhere. If kit isn't screwed down then hire it in.
  2. In an established premises the licensing officer and the EHO and the fire officer have already seen and approved the plans of the building with features like fire fighting and exits (etc) well defined and illuminated and drawn onto plans. These are then approved for a specified number of people. For a temporary event all of this has to be decided and drawn to plans then the approved plans have to be realised on the ground. With half an indication of "doing it on the cheap" the Fire Officer will be there 30 minutes before start time and they have the authority to instantly stop your event. You, because you have insurance, will be a primary target for claims if there is hurt or injury unless the organisers have lots of good insurance.
  3. No-one will have accurate information! Brachytherapy isn't an everyday procedure and being a good commentator isn't a common skill so this question probably has possibly never occurred before. Offering a dynamic mic that doesn't need power covers you for any damage to the circuitry inside a radio Tx. However this person will live a normal life between hospital visits so the damage to the surroundings will already be minimal.
  4. Very simply, this event MAY be within the school's normal activities or not, and may come under their authority or not. The only way to determine this is to speak to the school and the local authority licensing official. It may or may not be your responsibility to do this checking BUT if things go pear shaped and someone get's hurt then liability WILL land on everyone involved. Lawyers would prefer to find people with insurance to take liability because then they have someone to supply money. The event may go well but if it "has issues" then you as an advisor could have a liability for damages, if the event is simply unlicensed then your equipment could be seized and forfeit. The simple question to ask is "Is there a licence in place for this performance?" A Licence or temporary event notice means that the council have approved the event and the measures taken to ensure the safety of the audience and cast. It also defines the Event Manager. Without a licence it's just as illegal as an illegal rave. Assume that with a three page topic(so far), someone locally will have advance knowledge of the event.
  5. As their advisor for (as you say) electricity and lighting, in the event of an incident you will be at risk for damages if anyone gets hurt vaguely related to electricity or lighting.
  6. Ultimately the council licensing officer and/or the local fire officer can turn up and demand to see the licence and check that everything meets the current standards including fire retardance, fire extinguishers, communications, emergency lights, exit signs and lots more. The fire officer can likely turn up in the hour before "curtain up" meaning that you have no time to correct anything. Without a licence you can get stopped and everything seized. "The Organisers" may opine but will the Fire Officer agree? Will you and your equipment get stuck in the middle? Someone is actually responsible for the safety of all people involved from the public highway and back to the highway. If you think it's not you then you need to know who is responsible (and insured). How will you be if this goes pear shaped and you get sued for injuries or just lose equipment?
  7. A good condition 12v lead acid battery holds jut over 1 KwHr of electricity, so 24v 100AH will hold 2.4KWHr. Is this over two+ nights? How will you recharge the batteries without running the main engines for 4+ hours? A battery that has been left flat for months may only hold 10% of it's rated capacity.
  8. " Power from duplicated inverters " Only the more expensive inverters will allow parallel operation (mostly the bigger Victron kit) so with economy inverters some circuits will be on each inverter, so if an inverter goes out, those lights will fail. Will the two 24v vehicles need to move afterwards? If so check that they have a separate 24v starter battery. Most people can jump start a 12v vehicle -no-one I know carries a 24v jump start.
  9. Sadly the local authority (town/borough/county) NOT YOU, will decide whether you need formal emergency lighting and exit signs and exit route signage and lighting. All of this will come as part of your licence application procedure. Your local chief fire officer will have authority to visit your show and call it off instantly if there is no licence or the terms of the licence have not been complied with. (Exit signs, exit route lighting, etc, etc). If the event is on soft ground then you need to sort out stewarding for assisting any disabled people to and from their seats and transport. No DDA compliance no event, and likely prosecution. People run events in premises with a licence simply because getting a licence each time is expensive. There are Standards for EXIT signs and emergency lighting and emergency exit route illumination. It's hard to test all the aspects of DIY signage and lighting, that's why people buy and install commercially made items that come with approval stickers. Your event seems "non average" so perhaps your local fire officer will consider a DIY approach or will say must comply with standards. However YOU have no authority to say you don't need emergency lighting and signage, this is a decision for a council event licencing officer and the local chief fire officer.
  10. Have you sorted out the emergency lighting to the satisfaction of the licensing officer and authority? Without those you don't have a show. Too many LED worklights though bright and water resistant run from an internal 18650 cell and charge from a USB connector which will not last for an evening's entertainment. I'd be very keen to use white LEDs and gel because LED colours are usually not what they say they are. Don't neglect that a good battery will cost, a cheap generator from Machine Mart would start at £300.
  11. Back projection has as disadvantages the lost space onstage which in "village hall" scenarios simply may not exist. Any attempt to put the projector in line with the screen axis will mean that it's a visible hot spot for the audience to see. Most village halls simply don't know all the dimensions you will need to fit the system.
  12. The issue is that the lamp's properties (nominal voltage and current) will affect the crossover's numbers. RS has two "options" 104-806 and 655-9047 which are both 6 ish volts and MES fitting. Until you get a part number or indicated V and A then you are guessing, and changing the speaker's sound or risking the driver. This is probably why low end disco speakers have piezo tweeters (til they blow!). I did once get some 28v pea lamps from Anchor Mil surplus that did then have a branch in Nottingham cattle market area and one A38 ish Burton/Ripley.
  13. I have a woven plastic (PP?) bag that doesn't leak simply because it has a welded closed HDPE bag inside. The woven bag takes the wear damage and the plastic bag holds the dusty contents inside.
  14. Push down blasting machine for sale. (think Wyle E Coyote!). It works, it's been rebuilt during it's life, it's NOT museum grade. Located Docklands E6. Open to sensible offers. Ebay puts this on the line for payable ads.
  15. The right venue will find you a rated point or ten in the middle of the roof, Battersea Town Hall used to have a square grid attached to the centre of the ceiling. Other places just don't bother.
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