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  1. Definitely not a no. In fact my old friends Alistage decking is designed so that it can be stacked just as you suggest. See the second photo HERE. As Stuart says the loading is the key and dynamic human loads are many times worse than static or even rolling loads. Of course the level of expertise of the builder counts for a lot as does the knowledge about cross-bracing, height of leg and a few other things. So you really need to give more detail starting with filling in your profile a bit more, we tend to be more careful in advising students and newbies. Meanwhile, welcome to BR Emily.
  2. Can you actually back project in the venues into which you are touring? No point getting hung up on sheets or shower curtains (my favourite) if you don't have the depth for either.
  3. I bet they didn't video those cable runs for the same reason that Rammstein did. It can be done properly, you just have to pay the right crews the right money.
  4. Another vote for fluoro tubes but you might be better off with several 2 foot fittings rather than 2 X 4 foot ones. We used to use them with drapes quite effectively though it might be worth hiring a couple of each size to try out before you buy.
  5. Like most answers here it begins with "it depends". It depends on length of leg, loading and whether there are any maior lateral forces. I have written here before about doing an advertising shoot for a cardboard factory where we ran a 40 foot artic and trailer across a stage supported by cardboard boxes so it really does depend on lots of factors but for "normal use" I would guess at there being no problem. One BR member was a designer for Steeldeck so if he comes by he may have chapter and verse. It may be James Remo?
  6. Multicores would be a very costly way of running redundant/unused circuits to places you don't need them. No two venues are identical and the placing of each individual item will never be identical. My solution was to have lots of cables of varying length of each required type and use those that fitted at each venue. I can foresee having to extend multicore elements to suit each individual venue thus making them an expensive luxury that actually added to time pressure. Spiral wrap or tape was always more than adequate if I needed neatness but the one thing that really worked was to run out loads of different cables and choose the closest in length for each requirement. Multicore also restricts what goes where too much for me.
  7. Do yourself a favour and fill out your profile a bit more fully. Who knows but you might be neighbours with members who can help? Last time I looked Wales was the size of at least one whole Wales.
  8. You can get all sorts of gazebo and marquee sandbags but for the truly extravagant there are branded 20 kg. Forza goal sandbags though ebay has others which, all of them being weatherproof, might suit.
  9. In order to get watchable results when filming a stage performance you need several cameras which can do close ups and wide angle and a really good editing set-up with an expert at the wheel. If they just want a record then I would use one of their existing smartphones on the cheapest tripod, as Jon Pearce suggests, and spend the £300 more profitably down the SU bar. If they really want to publish the results, which they almost certainly won't once they see them, then get them to check with the society, the SU, the university and the venues if they would be allowed.
  10. Top tip for non-slip Steeldeck? A generous spray of a proprietary cola drink and handfuls of sugar. Temporary and washable with hot water. Springsteen used to run down from the top of a PA stack and do a knee-slide but most of the audience didn't see the soapy/oiled water he poured on his jeans first.
  11. Why be so paranoid about breakables, just don't break them. There should be plenty of Edwardian/Victorian tea sets in charity shops at reasonable prices. Just about anything flowery would fit.
  12. I once got hold of spec sheets for very expensive Acoustic Fibre and a certain brand of Jewson cheap thermal insulation. There was no notable difference.
  13. Like Bryson I saw your location and thought immediately of Cirque du Soleil who are Quebecois and brilliant at this sort of thing. They might share some brain space with you but my own first thought, which could be totally off the beam, was to hire a camera boom/crane which come in all sorts of size and configuration. It would need a stage hand to operate but might be flexible enough to take "on tour". Check out the variety at www.haguecamerasupports.com/jibs-cranes-booms
  14. If your Fire RA says that you need fire retardant soft furnishings, which it jolly well should, then you need to find another supplier. A quick Google for "Bespoke Fire Retardant Theatrical Drapes" will bring up plenty of reputable suppliers. The Whaleys and J & C Joel websites have detailed explanations of flameproofing and fire retardant materials and bear in mind that other reputable folks can flameproof non-retardant drapes if you cannot do it yourself.
  15. We used to bus in the audiences for Grad and Soc Balls over 20 years ago. That works well with a student audience which is geographically concentrated. Whether it makes a big enough difference when punters have to gather at "collection points" is debatable. It certainly won't work when they turn up with rucksacks and tents etc for overnight stays. Adding a few thousand extra travellers to scheduled services is enough of a problem and lessons need learning from events like Six Nations rugby in Cardiff and the vast car parking and shuttle bus services for Ryder Cups. To source enough drivers for the Ryder at Celtic Manor they had to shut all the schools in Gwent and give the kids a holiday. I had warned them a couple of years in advance.
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