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Software Advice TV playout?


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Hi Guys,


I'm just after a bit of advice. I can't find the right term to google and I can't seem to explain myself

properly so hopefully you get what I'm after.


Here's what I need to do;


Schedule images and video clips to play in a random order throughout the night


Schedule these images and video clips to change on certain days to reflect the acts we have on


Set the software so the same promo video or act slide doesn't play too often throughout the night


Have the playlist easily editable so I can remove slides or video clips once an act has been on


would be nice to edit the playlist remotely, so I can add images in order and set the scheduler over

a network



I've been looking at TV playout software, but I'm not sure it'll do what I'm after and it's a little too expensive to

buy to find out it's not right.


The company I work for is not averse to spending money on the right software, but obviously if there's

something open source out there it keeps my relatively small department budget from getting hammered too

early on in the year. I'm happy to play for the right thing though.


What we do at the minute is use VLC, make a playlist template with general company advertisements and save it off

and day to day load in the separate act slides/videos and set it to play on shuffle.

I'd like to be able to schedule things way in advance so I don't have to panic about the acts slides every day or on my days off.

Also, sometimes, the same slide is played over and over again and gets a little tedious. Especially when the generic advertising

is only two to three slides.


Any help is much appreciated



Thanks guys!!



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Excellent, thanks for the replies guys.


Xibo is looking favourite at the mo, just have to purchase the cheap content hosting as

setting up my own server is a bit too advanced for me.


I'm looking through a few others now and OneLAN is definitely on the list.

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I have used DISE on a project that requires a mixture of footage and data content to be shown according to sets of rules. It has powerful scheduling features and excellent technical support. I seem to recall adding a random element to advert selection at some point.


I cannot comment on pricing.


It has been very reliable. running 24/7 for a number of weeks.





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I like the Bright Sign solutions.


Just the solid state boxes are cheap and if all on your network you can just publish to them.


For each show you can put a play list that over rides the general play list for short periods.


If you use a solution that needs a computer and you need to buy or rent the computer that adds a lot on cost.


Bright Signs can run of PoE as well I believe.


The hosted version is great for remote signage and not overly expensive. Good for LED screens also as you can define zones and play your content scaled to the screen.

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I have had a lot of success with pisignage.


runs on a pi3 behind each screen and you can group them into areas and set playlists etc and limits on how often adverts play etc. all editable via a webinterface. you get something like 2 players worth for free.

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We use Xibo, and an Android A95X box for each TV. Works really well. Our web host includes the ability to install programs to run in their server space, and the Xibo server can be located there, so for us there is no additional cost.
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