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  1. Yes your right on that. Any version before will be unlocked by the hardware you have I think. I know there was big changes from on wards. Even some of the older pc wings will only unlock part of the software. I used to have the B4 snake and it would unlock the software. I sold it on as I was not using it much and the changes just came in after that. I think this move was to get people to buy new hardware. I am sure someone will know more than me will come along
  2. Look at some of the gaming headset the more up marked ones they will have a TRRS 3.5mm plug on them as they are for laptop/pc. It maybe your best bet.
  3. Hi, Has anyone seen a Yamaha LS9-32 which seem to be stuck in a boot loop also the UV leds for all channels are dimly lit. I did change the backup battery after this has happened the original battery tested ok as in it was still 3v. I did find the service manual on the web and I have checked the voltages out of the power supply and they all tested fine removed the CPU card and reseated it. I also have tried booting with as little as need to get the screen to work and still the same. I also reloaded the firmware with no problems at all.
  4. I have worked on a Metro Audio base unit and the resistor was 0 ohms (from memory which was about a year ago) as to act as a fuse and I did replace them with 1 or 2 amp self resetable fuse and it helped to find some faults with the some wiring my local theatre. It has been working away good and I have also had some Bluecoms packs that I have run on it as well with the odd thump which I still have to look at in my packs.
  5. This is interesting. I have not seen radio mics do this but I have seen mobile phones do it. I know 868Mhz is part of the GSM (2G) network and is also use by alarm installers for alarms to contact call centres as well. I have seen an alarm set itself off over this as the mobile coverage is bad on 3G,4G and 5G so it looks at 2G(GSM) to contact the call centre. This is a community hall and not to far from me and when they do plays and it full of people the alarm as know to go off.
  6. Kerry Davies, you have brought back a memory to me on 300-500 halogen floodlights. Here in Ireland we have the GAA and the big final was won by my own county in 2012 I was asked by a friend to light the stage and I used 4x 500w floodlights for front light. I had a someone from a TV station come to me say "I think you need a bit more that them 500w floodlights." I did prove him wrong and also the stage was facing in to the sun well when it did try and show itself from behind the clouds as it rained that day and it was thick misty rain, at lest I had not to worry about rain and the power tripping. The 4 floodlights did light the stage and he did come and say I proved him wrong about the 4x 500w floodlights enough for the front light. I still use them floodlights today but now they are starting to fall apart. As someone said "they don't do much on till it starts to get dark but they sure can light a stage. I am trying to find some 500w halogen floodlight fittings but nothing but led ones now. I need them for August for a festival. I am looking at led ones but need them to be dimmable but no luck yet
  7. I have the version 1.4 of the beltpack files here http://mcgcs.net/BluecomBeltpack1_4.zip
  8. I was also just looking after I post above these look like the panel https://www.like-king.com/productinfo/657434.html https://www.eagerled.com/products/ea500c5-45-degree-angle-rental-led-display/ I would say for sure the panel is copied by a few different ones
  9. They are cheap chines panels from what I got in google by saving the pic to my computer first and then dragging it to google search box and they show up a few different chines sites hope this google like works https://lens.google.com/search?p=AXAp4whwS8I_ZnO987GKpndfe8iq9W3fu6udJ37iJhRJWtBndvTEMi48sNhjqlvAqGhf9tvN9SmAENnkjkcR22OfNieqQRInHYmkv1Kc0xhuGHp_0EOTjm9YzWIafgkkXABUOdq8tvsw5xE7Zl9m4TQUi-obeni---4ejq5Bh27ODVe9nTmJHaypEdN_78-zF_32Dj7swZsVVmi0N1sJ5W_OK1JtVXXEdTwidW-d3OWHQfD90PvMlyDw&ep=gsbubb&hl=en-IE&re=df#lns=W251bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsIkVrY0tKR015WXpBM1lqYzRMV0ZsWmpFdE5HVmtOUzA1WTJVMkxXWmtPRE13T1RNMk1HTTVaaElmT0RKQ2F6WmtUVGRXYjBGbVVVUjFWV2RKVkUxaWJEUm5Ra3RtTjFkb1p3PT0iXQ==
  10. I would say that a fan for the power supply. If the OP would move the wires coving the silver label and post another photo would be good
  11. Looking at the silver label near the input show 28v DC out at 3.5a. there is only one output from the power supply which is the red and black wires. You will also need to measure the original power supply and compare sizes as well. here is some I got on the web but they may not fit https://ie.farnell.com/xp-power/ecs100us28/power-supply-ac-dc-medical-28v/dp/1738300 https://ie.rs-online.com/web/p/switching-power-supplies/1227123 https://ie.rs-online.com/web/p/switching-power-supplies/1720809 Other here may find other power supplies
  12. I would go though each colour one by one it sounds to me the green leds are not working. You can do this manualy on the light or via lighting desk. The way I would do it I would have 2 lights set to the same DMX channel and make sure all led are off when all faders are down put up master dimmer to full if needed. Now put red up and if both lights go red then red is ok now do it to green and then blue and then white and you should see which have a failed colour. In you case it will be green, ((red and blue = magenta) + white = more of a pink)
  13. As others posted above. Have you tried plugging in a monitor to the desk it also may give the error on the screen but maybe more info to the error which may help get it going
  14. Did you buy the one you linked to or was the Uking one and how did you find the light out put. I am also thinking of getting some
  15. I have seen dance groups that say they will email their tracks on but never happens and then they land with a new iphone or ipad that does not have headphone out any more that they just bough the that day or the day before. For some reason they think we should have the adaptor to connect it to the desk or have bluetooth connection for them. I have also seen another case where the dance school sends a link to the tracks on spotify an hour before the land at the venue and tracks play ok for sound check but kept cutting out in the show and we get asked what where we doing. It was down to poor phone coverage and there is no wifi in the venue as its a small local hall
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