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Stand or Sit?

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Ok, It's my turn to divulge my habits.




If it's Playback then sitting.

If it's a band then standing

If it's a midas then on a large box so that I can reach the twiddly bits at the far end of the channel strip


I also have a weird habit of trying to do the splits and holding it for as long as I can. I think it comes from being in a small confined space and needing to stretch.




Usually sitting, but occasionally lying on the floor. It was a happy day when I discovered that I could put the monitors under the desk, lie on the floor and still reach the go button.


As for chairs, I require two swivel chairs, one for me and one for my feet. this allows me to slouch quite comfortably and rock gently from side to side whilst reading a book.

Oh, and if they could be at least ten years old, threadbare, missing a wheel or two and with a few screws poking through then all the better.

It's still an improvement from the majority of production desk seats you get! A plank of wood between two arm-rests isn't the nicest place to sit for a long plotting session

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ok for me it has to be the trusty cube flightcase with wheels, useful for sitting on, can be kicked out the way for standing and can be stood on when people decide to sit someone on their shoulders right in front of me.


ps. It does have to be mentioned though that at the moment 90% of my work is as a camera op so I don't really have this choice. I can just picture the bands faces if I took a chair on stage with me to film from.

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Same in the whole plotted show / busking thing but...


At school we have a nice large operplan box, at the back of the balcony, only problem is big shows at school we'll have maybe 4/5 people in the box. We have 4 chairs, one of which is broken so that if you try to move to quickly the seat will fall off. So one person usually ends up standing regardless (usually a followspot op, becuase they are always the youngest).


At the amdram theatre I "work" in our box is only big enough for 1 (LX and sound, maybe 10m square) and very uncomfortable. So its either sitting or standing (no swapping, its so small you cant stand with the chair in there), standing for plotting, sitting for running shows.


It works out that hsows are either maddeningly boring (last production was Imaginary Invalid, 2 hours 30 minutes, 17 cues (including sound). Act 2 has a 50 minute gap between cues) or extremly hectic

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Busked / rushed shows - sound - stand

Set up / mic check etc - sound - stand

(Easier to reach all the exciting buttons and knobs at speed)


Theatre / corperate stuff - sound - sit

LX - sit, comfy chair, desk space.

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When it comes to lx:


Rigging/focusing/plotting : Generally a mix of sitting and leisurely walking between rig and desk


Oping : Has got to be sitting down on one of the squeeky chairs in the box, the only one with actual padding is shotgunned to be mine, however, once I'm there I'm there, therefore, no worries about the squeak when levitating.




Initial rig / Working out why something isn't working : Hovering


Sound check : Sitting / Hovering


Playback : Nothing but sitting


Anything live involving spontaneous level changes : Then it has to be a standing job.



Hope that clears things up for the anyone wondering what the average college bum does when he's in the theatre.

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during piano concerts for example I can sit, listen to my mp3 player and a read a book.


Brilliant! :)


Live, stand. Studio, sit. In a big comfy chair. With wheels. And a hinge to allow you lean back and rest your heels on the auxiliary section.

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At school (were I do almost everything sound and lighting wise) we normally are all almost sitting on each others laps. We have a area which is raised of the ground with bars around it which is about 2m x 4m and we have to fit all the tables etc onto that aswell as ourselves.


If its a musical or drama production I mainly sit unless there is quick changes or if I have a blocked view (which with is quite a bit tbh). The lighting guy also does the same. We also have a third guy normally who is our eyes and ears from backstage who sits unless he needs to see something specific on stage.




That is our little area, I sit right in front of the sound desk, then the other guy in the middle and lighting on far end. And there are more tables behind us where the receivers go (dw, didn't stay where they were then).


When its rehersals for the show, I normally stand unless its something where isn't anything technical. I also normally sit when I'm controlling light unless I'm programming them when I often stand.


When I do music concerts etc I normally like to stand, just is a bit more of an active concert so I am often up and about.


As for chair, I like my comfy desk chair on wheels with arms. Its the best we can get, normally we end up with chairs from classrooms.



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All depends on the job, and how interested/excited I am!


Award shows with lots of table cues and states, always sat down.

Good bands I enjoy, stood up and shakin' my ass.

Long events with not much going on, sat down with my chin on the wrist rest...

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Corporate conferences/events... sat, reading, watching DVD's on PVM etc or playing "show jenga" with other techs

(take turns unplugging something, loser is the person that brings down the show)

Filming, sat in a small space trying not to make any sound due to fear of the rath of a perfectionist sound man...

Autocue opping (for mums autocue company) sat, staring at a screen watching words scroll up for hours on end, then standing up and promptly walking around like a drunk as everything looks like its scrolling up for a few minutes!

OB's ... I'm in the bar, radio me if you need me! or as it was this weekend on spanish OB

<estoy en el bar, me llaman por walkie si tu me necesitas>

Mid-problem with little time to fix. generally darting about while trying to prevent any tools/radios etc falling from my pockets/belt or in the case of AJ on karabiner, to prevent it from swining wildly and doing the "crown jewls" damage .. the common "tech with hands on waist run"

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