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  1. No need for second hand the showtec multi exchanger will take in dmx and spit out + 10 or - 10v . If however the stand dimmers are expecting D54,well good luck, Dmx to D54 convertors are nearly as common as rocking horse manure.
  2. just a wild guess from looking at the front panel id say its for the 24v DC input
  3. putting up with the pain once to put wired dmx cables in is surely better than the pain of trouble shooting temperamental wireless networks every time the planets are at the wrong angle.
  4. could you chuck your own gobos in the profiles
  5. Top tip for painting stage decking,DONT use paint with added grit,great for stopping you skating across the stage in the wet,but things can get a bit bloody when singists drop to there knees as part of there act.
  6. a rotary encoder is a rotary encoder, about the olny thing different between makes apart from the physical size is the number of pulses per rotation and whether its dented or not.There not much more than a fancy spdt switch.
  7. The other option is to install virtual box and use it to run a 32bit version of windows
  8. themadhippy

    X32 Problem

    The 2 essentials for working on such things is a decent isolating transformer and a few pairs of spare clean pants
  9. A very quick search turns up the the online manual
  10. problem with that is your splitting different things across different pairs which may lead to future issues.I'd go with the original but double pin 4 as an earth with 3,or depending on the signal type 1 and 3 as the party signal with 2 and 4 as party earths
  11. Indeed a good starting point ,I'd also recommend on-shape.I found it fairly painless to use,certainly much simpler than the mind bending freecad.
  12. wouldnt say 3amps is that dangerous
  13. looks like a bulgin buccaneer https://www.bulgin.com/products/pub/media/import/attachments/Circular_Power_Connectors.pdf
  14. what about the ole trusty silk effect?
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