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  1. Hi all - I have a few decent bits of kit that I think should be rehomed... Swisson DMX merger X-MG-51 A fully configurable 5-input DMX merger which can be set to split inputs by DMX addresses, or HTP, or for live backup or concurrent use with multiple controllers in a venue. It has an internal relay that in the event of power failure which will autoconnect the bypass input to the output. https://swisson.com/en/products/data-distribution/DMX-merger/ The DMX merger was fully serviced a couple of years ago by Stage Electrics, and since then it's not been used in anger at all (it still has the Stage Electrics service tag on it!). It's in excellent condition. Artistic Licence sunDial quad (1k sunDial 4 Channel Trailing Edge Dimmer + DMX/RDM Control. 1KW 230 VAC) An excellent product from AL... Great for dimming LED lamps - lots of places use it for houselights. Bought secondhand-newish from ebay for a project that never really got off the ground, and I don't think I'll get round to using it in the near future - so I thought I'd try to sell it again. It looks unused apart from being powered up (I never did much with it!). Info, data sheets etc: https://artisticlicence.com/product/sundial-quad/ Ideally I would like £325 for the sunDial LED dimmer and £500 for the merger but I'm up for negotiation on prices if necessary; make an offer if they're useful to you. Postage at cost (perhaps £25 each?) to the UK. Private sale so no VAT, but can invoice. I'm in Manchester if pickup is easier. Addendum - as I write this, I realise I also have: Artistic Licence Rail-split (RDM) DMX splitter - two units available DIN Rail mounted DMX splitters with RDM functionality. These are used, but both power up and work (I haven't tested exhaustively, but worked when I used them briefly for something else). Anyone interested in either or both of these? Make me an offer... The v2 version available are, new, about £250 ex VAT (no VAT on mine). Mine are a bit older, presume v1 (with the orange label). [I shall email AL to see if they're upgradeable to the latest RDM/firmware.] I can get pics tomorrow. Link to newer version (mine are older): https://artisticlicence.com/product/rail-split-rdm-ii/
  2. pscandrett

    Load lamps

    I don't quite know what you're asking about the '1 one' but if you're dimming LED houselights one of the standard answers now is to install the Artistic Licence LED sundial dimmer, specifically designed for dimming LED lamps. https://artisticlicence.com/product/sundial-quad/ (This may not answer your question but hope it's useful anyway.)
  3. Expensive, but a lot of TV/filming now use Astera's Titan Tubes in the fittings' diffusers as 'drop in' controllable fluorescent replacements. Without knowing your use context, that may or may not be useful info!
  4. You can't leave us hanging! What was the response when you pointed out that your trap cable had incorrectly passed? How did they reply to try to (re)gain your trust in their service?
  5. If it helps, it looks like it's a generic one that's been marketed under several brands: Neoflash: https://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-2218323624-strobo-1500w-DMX-profissional-_JM#position=3&search_layout=stack&type=item&tracking_id=ade2f11a-d17d-4ba5-9f3b-706a75da5e09 Vaporiser: http://vikinglighting.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=1125 Or Vaporizer(!): https://sterlingeventgroup.co.uk/equipment-hire/strobe-light-1500w-DMX.html I think the best bet is HQ Power https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic-data2.manualslib.com%2Fproduct-images%2F181%2F18062%2F1806164%2Fraw.jpg&tbnid=izuioH9Z8sqlCM&vet=12ahUKEwjygvu4gMb-AhXTnCcCHe9YDWkQMygQegUIARDaAQ..I&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.manualslib.com%2Fmanual%2F1806164%2FHq-Power-Vdp1500st.html&docid=gVuYw_jeo49DyM&w=560&h=560&q=strobe 1500w vaporizer&client=firefox-b-d&ved=2ahUKEwjygvu4gMb-AhXTnCcCHe9YDWkQMygQegUIARDaAQ That above link takes you to the manual for that: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1806164/Hq-Power-Vdp1500st.html#manual which /might/ be the right one, though the manual itself doesn't have a picture. ETA: searching VDP1500ST throws up other examples. What do you need from the manual, out of interest? (If it helps, I searched for 1500W strobe and browsed the pictures that came up, then searched other terms thrown up there.)
  6. This thread is the best thing I've found that explains what went on, and why most Three customers were never going to get it. https://twitter.com/davwheat_/status/1650149573313085441 As I understand it... essentially, your phone polls occasionally to see if there's any emergency thing to show you. If there is, on the next poll it downloads it and displays it. If there isn't, it goes back to sleep. The alert (and 'there's an alert to fetch' message) was 'live' for 20 minutes or so, from 1459-1520, so if you turned your phone on at 1515 then you'd still get the alert, but if you'd not got it by 1520 you were never going to get it at all. The issue with Three is that they made the whole thing live a single time, so if your 3 phone /happened/ to poll in that short timeframe it would have alerted you. Otherwise, if you missed that one time, you've missed the boat and your phone would stubbornly stay silent in ignorance. Also, it seems that on a previous test scenario, Three dropped the ball then too (with the same problem!). I found it interesting.
  7. If their budget is tight(er), what about looking for a secondhand ZR33/44 or similar? As we've established, Martin/Jem stuff is built to last and a year or two's use of one of those might convince the budget holders to invest in a new similar model when it finally dies. (I note there's a ZR22 on ebay at the moment...)
  8. Are you swapping the cable across physical outputs from the desk (ie unplugging from one socket and putting it in another) or swapping logical ones (within the DMX network settings and sending different universes via the same socket)? Do you have a Swisson or DMXcat or similar to actually see what the output of the desk is coming out of the DMX output sockets and comparing them? It does sound rather baffling, but the best I can think of is that one of the wires of the DMX cable (internal to the desk) might have become severed or intermittent somehow. It doesn't explain why one light works and the other doesn't if they're identical really, and it sounds puzzling.
  9. pscandrett

    Old Avo Remote

    Is it just a serial connection? You suggest that it might be easily hackable... (not that I have a project for it really.)
  10. In my experience Light Processor kit has generally been pretty solid and reliable; they probably 'do' DMX properly. I think they're now one of the brands of the company that also bought Zero88 (I've lost track of who it is now? Cooper Controls? Genlyte? Strand? Phillips? Anyway...) and I think much of their stuff is made in the same places as those other brands so there's some heritage to that equipment too. Certainly I've used Light Processor dimmers and DMX distros without much hassle. </single data point>
  11. I've PM'd you about a Swisson XRC-200, but you might find it easier/as easy to hire another lighting desk for your 'something else' and use the Sixer for your LED strip, if you know that works. You can then use the hired/acquired desk for your main show over Easter...?
  12. If it's that bad, have you taken it up with your council?
  13. 30 metres is quite a way. If they don't need to be controllable or particularly focussed I'd be inclined to look at the architectural world or similar - and that's something I'm not familiar with, sorry. I'd give someone like AC (or Stage Electrics, or White Light, or the usual suspects) a ring for a chat with their installation or special projects divisions to see what they can suggest. (Not negating your posting on here for advice at all!) Good luck.
  14. I was originally going to suggest something like one of the Chauvet IP rated profiles with a narrow lens, but then realised they're not 'cheap'! (What sort of beam size are you after/what are you illuminating? How bright does it have to be?) Although we're all trying to consume less power by using LEDs, what's the reason for requiring LED?
  15. I've just had a look at the service docs on the Martin website and it has far fewer documents and published service updates than, say, the Mac 250+. About the only thing I can see that you probably can't (on https://www.martin.com/en-US/products/mac-401-dual-rgb-zoom) is a parts list. I'm just a guy that did one of the Martin service courses some years ago and so have access to that side of the website. There may be someone more experienced with Martin units that may be able to help further.
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