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For Sale: Swisson DMX merger, Artistic Licence sundial quad LED dimmer, Artistic Licence Rail-split DMX splitters


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Hi all - I have a few decent bits of kit that I think should be rehomed...

Swisson DMX merger X-MG-51

A fully configurable 5-input DMX merger which can be set to split inputs by DMX addresses, or HTP, or for live backup or concurrent use with multiple controllers in a venue. It has an internal relay that in the event of power failure which will autoconnect the bypass input to the output.

The DMX merger was fully serviced a couple of years ago by Stage Electrics, and since then it's not been used in anger at all (it still has the Stage Electrics service tag on it!). It's in excellent condition.

Artistic Licence sunDial quad
(1k sunDial 4 Channel Trailing Edge Dimmer + DMX/RDM Control. 1KW 230 VAC)

An excellent product from AL... Great for dimming LED lamps - lots of places use it for houselights. Bought secondhand-newish from ebay for a project that never really got off the ground, and I don't think I'll get round to using it in the near future - so I thought I'd try to sell it again. It looks unused apart from being powered up (I never did much with it!).

Info, data sheets etc: https://artisticlicence.com/product/sundial-quad/

Ideally I would like £325 for the sunDial LED dimmer and £500 for the merger but I'm up for negotiation on prices if necessary; make an offer if they're useful to you. Postage at cost (perhaps £25 each?) to the UK. Private sale so no VAT, but can invoice. I'm in Manchester if pickup is easier.


Addendum - as I write this, I realise I also have:

Artistic Licence Rail-split (RDM) DMX splitter - two units available

DIN Rail mounted DMX splitters with RDM functionality. These are used, but both power up and work (I haven't tested exhaustively, but worked when I used them briefly for something else). Anyone interested in either or both of these? Make me an offer... The v2 version available are, new, about £250 ex VAT (no VAT on mine). Mine are a bit older, presume v1 (with the orange label). [I shall email AL to see if they're upgradeable to the latest RDM/firmware.] I can get pics tomorrow.

Link to newer version (mine are older): https://artisticlicence.com/product/rail-split-rdm-ii/


merge ser.jpg


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