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Jester ml


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Jester is long gone as a current product. FLX range, probably the entry level FLX S24 against the Jester, although there is no comparison really, the FLX S24 is a way more capable console.


I’m sure @Edward- Z88 or @jonhole at Zero88/Vari-lite in Cwmbran will be happy to help.


Disclosure: I’m an FLX owner/user.

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9 hours ago, GOODN537433 said:

Good evening all.

Does anyone know what zero88 replaced the jester ml with??

Have been asked to replace a different broken desk with one!

but apparently they stopped making it back in 2017! Is this the case? 


It would help others suggest a suitable alternative if you told us what desk you're looking to replace & what sort of lighting rig you're looking to control?

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Ideally they would need a jester ml to replace the normal jester they have as currently its channels are all used up running thier current limited system which is also starting to fail so they are looking for a limited budget system upgrade desk and fixtures and to allow them to continue to be a venue for a council arts organisation. I hadn't realised that the jester ml had been stopped. We had issues with the early flx which put us off those. So they are after a manual / memory/ DMX fixtures desk ( like the jester ml) so am currently unsure what else is comparable / suitable for the dual purpose role. ( I'm a Sirius/frog/ fat frog/flx & stand mx / lbx user, over the years don't know the other types out there) 

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3 hours ago, Edward- Z88 said:

Sorry to hear this. Would you be able to elaborate on the issues you faced? Please feel free to email support@zero88.com if you have any questions.

Zero88 even sent out a full on new demonstration desk to the venue (after training by Zero88 to all venue staff). Issues still arose though not quite as bad, though still underlying issues persisted, can't remember what exactly now as it was a long time back these days. In the end the venue changed desks ( twice) not sure what they are using now.  But it's not the flx 

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We all liked the sirius, easy to use and programme, lots of options could be fitted to control whatever racks were about.

The weight didn't bother us as we were still lumping mini2 and tempus racks around which made it quite light in comparison to everything else.

The frog and fat frog we liked as it was very similar to the Sirius. 

Though the 48ch bull frog gives the Sirius a close shout on the weight.

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It's a very personal choice and what you know, of course. We had Strand desks in our theatre, Minack had Z88 frogs, we used to take our own desk to Minack rather than use the Frog. These days we're ETC and Minack is (full) FLX and we've manged ok with a bit of help on the FLX (although it still catches us out).

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