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Simple program and forget lighting control


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I've been asked to look at specifying some lighitng for a banqueting/wedding hall. I'm quite happy with the fixtures end of things, but am a bit out of date with small control systems.


I'm looking for something that will control a handful of moving lights, some static spots, and wall washers. Ideally I would like to program a series of looks, and then have a wall panel or ipad to select various presets. Ideally, I would like to be able to lock out the user from fiddling so they can't screw things up! What's availabel for this sort of application?



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19 minutes ago, Simon Lewis said:

Anytronics have some simple push button scene recall units if you can set the fixtures up with a desk?



Plus 1 for this too - a cracking little system that can have multiple control points as well. Commissioned one for a local church in 2017 to control some LED fixtures to give a variety of 'looks' - customer was (and still is) very happy with it.


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15 minutes ago, xllx said:

Can the Anytronics one deal with moving lights? 

I haven't tried it to be honest.... However, if the look you want is static, I'd guess yes, but if the DMX command is changing, probably not.
I have these installed in a church where the panels recall a series of fixed states for non moving LED and incandescent lamps. 
Probably worth giving Anytronics a call to check whether they can deal with anything more?

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Cueserver, totally rock solid, is in same class as Pharos/Mosaic , full featured architectural control.

Anytronics build stuff that lasts.

If not needing to pay for unused features, mebbe something more in DMX recorder class. Thomann have a few, reviews say  this one will play back moving heads , moving 


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I know zilch about controls but as family members run several premier wedding venues I can say with confidence that if you give them an iPad it will go walkies and a control is very likely to last a week longer before being put "somewhere safe" by a cleaner. They need it as simple as possible and it won't get changed between events because they simply have no time. 

It is a special occasion for the bride's mother and guests but for the crews it is a production line of cleaning, prepping and serving and the more repeatable and "automatic man" it can be the better. Keep it ultra simple.

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EchoTouch would be the ETC product to take a look at.

It's basically the architectural version of a ColorSource console - one local DMX output, also sACN output and snapshot.
PIN lockouts for playback and setup.

Supports both simple preset playback and sequences, static and moving lights, multiple spaces with space combine (eg if they've got airwalls), and you can connect external button stations if so desired.

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