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Given the front cover of PE this week which was a timely intervention https://shop.private-eye.co.uk/ and as we are fast approaching the time when event organisers will have to finally decide their plans for next year I do wonder whether any will be able to make plans since the government's approach to managing this virus, reaction to statistics and imposition of restrictions at short notice, has not changed in seven months. I see Michael Eavis is talking about massive testing arrangements if Glastonbury takes place next year (one does wonder at even mentioning this idea) though they are aiming for a date in June while Boomtown is already selling tickets for August despite the fact that they still have roll-overs from 2020 un-refunded. At least the Jockey Club aren't yet selling tickets for the Cheltenham Festival meeting yet and given the jumpiness of Gloucestershire County Council that's sensible. Goodwood Motorsport are only promising alerts at this stage.


I suppose if you are in this event business you have to at least think about business as usual - but can it be? And will the punters be prepared to lay out big sums in advances at this time?


What sense are those inside the game getting about things???


(Also with so many organisers clearly not knowing the difference between 'postpone' and 'cancel' when will they fit in the events 'postponed' from 2020?)

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It seems a bit premature to plan anything big until after January First and we know what Brexit means, if indeed it happens at all. The uncertainty of the pandemic, the ineptness of government and the unknown repercussions of whichever version of Brexit we get make any planning pretty much irrelevant. Many of the overseas artistes and a fair few British ones playing big UK festivals do so as part of a European tour which makes it economic. We haven't got a clue how they will work out after freedom of movement ends or what paperwork is needed or whether we need to hire European trucks and drivers or how to deal with VAT and a million other things that depend totally on what is organised in the next 35 working days.
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Chatting with a friend at an arena, his friends over in America are not planning on touching Europe until at least late 2021, maybe 2022. Its just not worth the big acts coming over doing half a tour and being stuck, or having to cut short. With "most" nations doing changes semi regularly its a bit hard to commit.


Next week we are going to 300 people in a PUBLIC setting with 1m space, 50 people in a club or dance place (just after Halloween party's where private gatherings of 50+ is ok) . The cynic in me says its because we have hockey and bandy starting up, because theatres are not going to be doing too much, one county even said they are not going up in the limit.

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