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Looking for suitable light to project a gobo?

Karel Bata

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I've got a setup coming up where I'd like to have a logo projected on to a wall for a month. It needs to be about 2m wide. There are ceiling rigging points (girders) 3.5m up, 2m and 4m away.

Ideally it'll be a LED fixture so I can use a gless gobo. Lightweight is good. Cheap is great.


Any suggestions?

Cheers! wink.gif

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Depending on which led fixture you buy, you will be able to print a plastic gobo using slide transparencies, Pro Design Lighting has a How to make a plastic gobo , the Selecon link is not available as Philips appear to have abandoned all Selecon documentation. Do a search on Blue Room and Control Booth lighting forums as there is a lot of posts covering gobos.
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Hm. £1,000 and £500. That's a bit overkill for this. And it's only needed for a month.


Perhaps if you gave an indication of the price range you are looking at rather than just "cheap" we could help a bit more. £500 is cheap for an LED profile in my opinion.


Have you considered hiring something, you would get a much sharper/brighter fixture if you hired something decent.


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A bit big n heavy at 7kg, But that's an amazing price. Thanks! biggrin.gif


Any reason not to get one?

DMX control. Hm. There won't be a DMX controller available. Is there some (cheap) way to control these without a lighting desk? [thinks for a bit] Maybe with a laptop and MagicDMX? I do have one, but it's never seen use. What software? (I have a Mac)


This will get unplugged each night. So what happens typically to DMX controlled lights when there's a power outage - do they go back to the last state when power is restored?



Thanks for your help guys! wink.gif


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If it's anything like the elumen8 fresnels we have, you can set the brightness required through the control buttons then it remembers those settings, so everytime it's turned on it goes back to the same setting, These lanterns are intended to be used as much for architectural lighting as for stage, perhaps more so.
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From the manual:


Manual dimming mode:To access the sound active mode, press the "MENU" button on the rear of the unit to show "WhiteSet"on the LCD display. The unit is now in manual dimming mode. Now use the "UP" and "DOWN" buttons to set the brightness from "0" - "255" (0 = LED off, 255 = LED at full brightness).To exit out of any of the above options, press the "MODE" button.


I'm hoping "sound active" is a mistype for "stand alone", as there is no mention anywhere else of the lantern being sound controlled nor of there being a microphone.

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