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ip65 moving heads


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A company I work for makes a festival during the summer, and for 2 months has around 20 moving heads mounted open air, right beside a lake.

Now they are planning to buy some new fixtures, and thay were thinking about LED and ip65 heads, but apart from sgm g-spot, which are way too expensive, I can't find any.

Do u know some heads that, even if not ip65 rated, have a good resistance to rain and humidity in a situation like that and comparable to a 1200w moving head?

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The trouble is with any enclosure you run into ventilation/cooling problems. Not as bad with LED fixtures as with discharge lamps but still needs considering.

This thread has intrigued me because it appears that (apart from some claims from chinese suppliers) there really are no outdoor rated moving heads except the G-spot.

I have seen it done with polytunnel type arched covers which are open at each end, this keeps the rain off but still allows ventilation. But for a 2-month install they would need cleaning very regularly.

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It's also probably worth saying that you are actually looking for IP44 (Protected against spray up to 60° from vertical) or IP43 (Protection against water droplets deflected up to 15° from vertical). IP65 is more than you need for rain proofing.


The first digit is solid objects, 6 is dust proof, 5 is "fine tools up to 1mm dia", 4 is objects up to 2.5mm dia

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