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Need more of these counterweights


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We have old counterweight flying system at the Arts Theatre. We would to get more weights however there is no paperwork and no manufacturers markings or labels. We are coming at this two ways; we have contact a number of companies to quotes to make a replace weights and we are also trying to find more information about the system we have at the Arts Theatre.


Below is link to a photo of the the weight.




Has anyone seen them in other theatre? Does anyone know anything about the company that made the weight? Is there a pile of these somewhere that no one uses and would like the Arts Theatre to take them away?


Any information would be helpful.



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I've certainly seen plenty around over the years, might be worth a call to Unusual to see if they happen to have any stillages full of them sitting around in their yard, if not they might be able to point you in the right direction.
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