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ComClone - Has anyone got it working reliably?


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I think Brian's plan is that all of the components are PCB mounted and assembled to the back panel. Then the PCB/back panel assembly would slide into the housing. The front panel would just have holes punched for the controls to come through.




I already do something like this for one of my clients. I should have a definitive plan in place tomorrow.

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As designed, it's a single sided board. It'd be worth making it double sided; getting rid of the wire links and putting a decent ground plane on the top.

Call me unconvinced.


None of the systems I've seen the internals of use a ground plane, and whilst I know it will do no harm, and indeed may done some good, there are other considerations.


Single sided PCBs are good for two reasons; firstly, cost, although at the prototype level there isn't much difference in price, as the volumes go up the cost for single and double diverges, as does such nice features as screen prining, resists, PTH etc.


Added to that, single sided boards are easily made by the home builder, whereas double sided is harder, and PTH equivalents harder still.


My usual approach to this dilemma for boards where single side is feasible is to lay it out as a single sided board, and just put links as tracks on the component side. That way I can either have the board done at the fab ready to go double sided, or cook it up and home and put in the (hopefully few!) links to replace the component side copper.


Additionally, for this approach there is nothing special to do at the layout stage in terms of connectivity and its rubber-banding and checking; the board is a double sided board, no special link component arrangements necessary.


If there isn't already someone doing schematic and board, I'm willing to do it, but it wont be terribly portable as a design, as I use Labcentre Electronics software. I've done libraries for most of the usual components with pads sizes etc that suit home cooking. I can deliver PCB fab compatible gerber and drill files, and graphics in PDF and a few other formats.

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Better question: is anyone else actively working on this?

Yes. Boatman and myself have this underway. I'll post a proper outline of what we're working on over the weekend.

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Any more news on this as I would like to buy about 10 of the boards as well. I am also looking at comclone as well to see if I can mod it to working with 2 way radio (walkie-talkie) as sometime this my come in handy need to be wire free. I do know there is one from axxent WT100 which is an interface that does what I would like but it cost a fair bit.


I have built my own ham radio repeaters and they worked very well together. I have one crossband repeater work from home that I made a few years back from about 8 components and its never give me any trouble compared to one I have bought.


Please let me know when these can be ordered and also how much would it cost to post to Ireland

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