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well. I own a production case, cable tester, soca grenades, meter usual dimmer tools.


However, I know a few people said they have 'access' to equipment. So, I have access to:


10,000 VL3000s

25 million Mac 20000s

5,000 VL5s

Pretty much any other LED or moving light you can imagine, in their thousands,

Desks; grandmas, Hog IIs, Hog IIIs, Diamonds. in hundreds.

Racks; 1000 FD racks, Art 2000 racks, distros


12 million, three hundred thousand and fifty six miles of cable, and about the same in truss.


Can I win a prize now? :(

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Matter of opinion really, comes in handy when outrigging / over rigging lanterns, or locking off stuff attached to a clamp with a wing nut.


I assumed you shouldn't use hook clamps for over-rigging (if you're not using hook clamps I apologise, that's how your post sounded though), and was taught that overtightening the clamp could damage the bar. That might be a load of rubbish though...

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Matter of opinion really


Possibly. My opinion's based on a 15-year career in professional theatre, not to mention several years of unpaid experience before that. How about yours?


Overtightening a nut or bolt can easily cause damage. We often have to replace the threads on our Aliscaff clamps because muppets who know no better tighten them up with a dirty great big spanner as tight as they can, and strip the threads. And it's quite possible to completely knacker an expensive bit of Trilite or some such light-duty truss by spannering a lantern wingbolt onto it.


Over-rigging - well, if you're looking at something lightweight like a parcan, then it's quite possible using an ordinary hook-clamp. But if what you're trying to over-rig is too heavy to stay in position with the wing-bolt hand-tight, then you shouldn't be over-rigging it on a hook-clamp.

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Let's face some facts here. Hook clamps are far cheaper than doughty clamps yet it depends on what's being rigged. I only over/out rig parcans with hook clamps as parcans have very little weight and you don't nessessary have to wing nut the clamp tight with a spanner. It's just a cost thing.


What I do hate though is either some muppet has used a spanner to firmly lock a hook clamp to truss (damaging the truss and hurting my fingers) or finding that the hook clamp has a bolt rather than a wing nut and there's no spanner around!

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The wing nut spanners job is to untighten them after they've been tightened. This is either because some clown has tightened them too much using a tool or because they suddenly appear tighter than you can undo with your fingers (changes in heat etc etc and the fact you might not be as strong as the person that put them up). They do serve a purpose, but its not for tightening.




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I am 15 YO


I own:




4 Coda 500s

4 Selecon Hui 500 watt

6 Strand Quartets Fresnels

2 CCT Profiles

1 beta pack 3

1 cham sys pc lighting desk

1 enttec usb to DMX dongle

8 par can 56

2 par can 64 floor

4 LED par can 64

2 Mac 500

2 NJD 250 watt scanner kits (for discos)

2 NJD 250 watt data moon kit (for discos)

1 Source smoke machine (crap)

1 Jem zr12 Smoke machine

3 PIN DMX cable

5 pn DMX cable

13A extension cables

15A cables

16A Cables

32A cables

63A Cable

13A adaptors

15A adaptors

16A adaptors

32A adaptor




speakon 20M

MAX 500 amp phonic

phonic 4 channel mixer



And tools



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Hi all,


You guys sure do have some stuff


Ok, im 18 and here is my list:


Tool bag - Set of spannars (Assorted sizes)

- Set of screwdrivers (Assorted Sizes

- One of those things for magnatizing and de-magnatizing screwdrivers

- A random collection of ready cut gels (I don't even know what alf the colours are but its a

good haul)


A 4 way extensian lead



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And it's quite possible to completely knacker an expensive bit of Trilite or some such light-duty truss by spannering a lantern wingbolt onto it.


One of our older pieces of Trilite was completely knackered when somebody overtightened a standard hook clamp and managed to pierce the wall of one of the chords. It's relatively easily done if someone is tightening merrily away without paying attention to what's happening.


I've not bought a wingnut spanner, but often find myself needing to use a Leatherman to loosen wingnuts that I'd tightened by hand at the get-in. I don't know if that's due to temperature changes (as suggested above) or just a case of me being weakened by a hard day's gigging...

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its not at all, like it says on the info about this room The Next Generation, younger technicians can discuss what equipment they have, as some young members who I know would be quite proud to say they have the new .......whatever, and if people list there equipment and someone lists something I require and they live in the next town, surely we can then discuss a hire charge or if they want to work on an event with me or vice versa
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Surely everyone has access to anything they want lighting and sound hire wise, its just having the money?
I think this is the point JDP & Happy Jack were trying to make.. Anyone can have access to anything they want, obviously who you are/who you know, will be a determining factor on how much you pay for it, but that's not the point.


While the topic in general seems to be very much like how Trundle put it i.e. an excuse to show off. It would at least have some basic amount of 'worth' if people didn't make silly comments about what gear they had access to.



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