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Guest lightnix
...never underestimate the power of a rental company. Shop around im sure you can get what you want for the right price.


Personally I stick with one guy, ive got pretty much anything I need at my finger tips, all insured, and PAT tested, I don't have to service it or anything, he brings it, I use it, he take it away again.




Why bother with all the lugging about of heavy gear...

Spot on, well said <_<


Just my opinion tho,...
No, you speak the Truth :** laughs out loud **:
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this topic reminds me when I was 17 I had 63amp 3phase and 125amp 3phase before I had a car, I used to spend my money on drums of artic cable and my mates would by computer games, but now at the age of 24 people still dont belive how much kit I have, my parents untill a week had never been to my unit so when they saw it was bigger than their house they finally understood what level I was at, for all those youny people out there, dont lose hart when older people put you down because of your age this happened to me a lot, but now the same people ask me questions and respect me as a profesional
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This summer I got a pretty well paying job but for some reason im REALLY reluctant to spend ANY money. Instead I have taken to making my own kit. I have build a 4 channel disco light and am in the process of building a dimmer pack. More fun than just buying one! I am also less reluctent to buy components than kit.


I also have a strobe on long term loan to my school.

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I have



1 x SM58



19 y/o



A concurrent post has been automatically merged from this point on.


Sorry I forgot a couple of things


I have




1 x Yamaha LS9-16

1 x Behringer AD converter

3 x Samson RS12M

1 x Samson RS15M

2 x B-52 Matrix 1000v2 systems

1 x Db Monitor

1 x 300 watt amp

1 x 600 watt amp

2 x Audix D6

2 x Audix D2

1 x Audix D4

1 x Audix OM2

5 x Audix OM3

3 x Shure Beta57a

1 x Akg C451

2 x Akg C1000

2 x EMO DI's

2 x Behringer DIs

3 x Nomand DIs

1 x Yamaha SPX990

1 x TC M1 XL

2 x Behringer Graphic

1 x Behringer Compressor

1 x DBX Commpressor

1 x DBX Gate

1 x CD Player

2 x Minidisc Player/recorder

1 x 20/7 multicore

2 x 4/4 multicore

1 x 8 way stage snake

6 x Short Mic stands

10 x Tall Mic stands

4 x Speaker stands




8 x Par 64s

12 x Par 16

2 x par 56

6 x Leko

2 x Followspots

1 x Smoke Machine

1 x Hazer

2 x Small 6 channel controllers

1 x Behriger controller

Plus lots of stands and cables




A soldering Iron

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Addition to this listing,


Please also list the date on which you won the lottery, the numbers you used and the sourceof those numbers......


And also would be interesting to know how many of the above posters have girlfriends/boyfriends.......... :D



Seriously! I thought my setup was alright, it certainly does everything I need and hasn't as yet struggled with anything, but people are listing LS9's and turbosound gear (although the turbosound lister does also have a van, so it may well be a full blown company)!


Forget hire companies, I'm sourcing my next show from the next generation!

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Well I certainly wish my student loan extended to LS9 territory...!






1xtoolbag (with assorted tools in)


...is generally all I need, and all of the above has seen more than its fair share of use! (Apart from the torx keys perhaps. Still, when it was a quid for the set...) And OK I have got a couple of other bits and I'm planning to expand a tad, but the word overkill springs to mind a lot in this thread, especially with the lack of posts in the "your own equipment - USED" thread compared to this one!


2 x UV 12" cold cathode in my computer.. Does that count?

Umm there's lots of LEDs in my computer.. Do they count?!

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Gareth. Surely as someone with your touted 15 years experience has at some point or another had to over or out rig a Goldscan or VL5/VL6 off the top chord of a truss? How else are you going to do this without a wingnut spanner? PRG are NOT going to remove all winnuts off a VL5 or 6 and replace them with bolts, so they can be over rigged.


Also, on tour, we out rig ACLs and Bars of 6 a LOT. Its a dam site quicker using drop bars or swivel couplers with wing nuts that can be 'pinched' up with a wing nut spanner - compared to using the nylock type clamps, which are turely a nightmare!

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Ok, quick question, how many are getting good returns off the kit they've bought. Even if I'd have had enough money when I was at school to buy a load of gear I wouldn't have done because I wouldn't have thought I'd have been able to make my money back off the investment. Therefore how many people just buy this gear to play with / learn from or how many are actually making some cash. And to those who are making cash is that after you've declared your earnings to hmrc, paid tax, paid insurance, paid for storage etc or is it cash in hand that'll change once you grow up and start doing stuff properly (sorry that's not meant to sound at all patronising, I just mean going 'legit').



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I'm 16 :blink:


I Own....


...Not as much as these lucky lucky people.


Skytec 200w PA system.

Various bits of DJ equipment.

A few disco lights scrapered from local hire comps. ex-hire-stuff-that-goes-in-skip.


All the above to fuel my job, mobile dj'ing. Which in turn fuels my hobby, (proper) dj'ing/music production.


Anything I might ever need for FOH mixing or lighting jobs or in fact anything, paid or not: I can borrow from school.





also would be interesting to know how many of the above posters have girlfriends/boyfriends.......... biggrin.gif
Yes I do ;)
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Yes I do :blink:






Jacet is 100% right here, it's important to make sure that your stuff works for you, especially after you've worked so hard for it.

I'll be honest, when I was this age I didn't have alot of gear at all. Much less than alot of the lists here, but what I did have, earnt me money, often fairly good money. It took me a while to earn the money to pay for my first PA (which incidentally I still have locked up in a unit in Derby) but after that I found I could go out and do local gigs and it soon paid for itself and much more. I just added to it bit by bit. I always said to myself I'm not going to buy anything that wont earn me money. And to this day I've pretty much stuck by this. The only few small exceptions to that have been things that make my life easier. It's great having an MH4 in a venue that pays for itself every 9 months, it's great having a system out with a touring band thats paid for itself twice over in the last 4 years, but there are time when you DO need to stray from the rules a bit. Fridges, toasters, in catering racks and nice dvd players in the van are not going to earn me money but it does make the 28 hour days and 9 day weeks with 2000 miles to travel a little bit more bearable.




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Matter of opinion really


Possibly. My opinion's based on a 15-year career in professional theatre, not to mention several years of unpaid experience before that. How about yours?


I didn't challenge the validity of your opinion gareth, I simply stated my reasons for owning one.


1. I wasn't looking to spark a debate, I posted my kit list to make the "my ###### is bigger" point

2. I'm 17. That doesn't mean I like being patronised.

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