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Your typical rock colours


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Ello. Tried to find previous threads related to this but failed :)


I need to do an order of gels to replace my aging ones at the mo and since the last few batces were basically bought from package deals ('6 different precut colours from the one packet' kind of thing) I was wondering what were your typical rock band colours in terms of Lee numbers etc.

I typically use the cyan, magenta, primary red, dark blue and yellow route but is their any specific shades or numbers to look for???


Cheers, and sorry to be a bit of a bore with this one folks.

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I usually go for bright colours in the red/orange section. Bright pink 5 par fans look great with haze. Contact Lee filters and ask them to send you a designers edition swatchbook. This will have samples of all their filters.
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In my book the most clichéd rock and roll look would have to be red white and blue, sort of a L106 (primary red),L079 (Just blue),and ether open white or 201/202/203. Of course now cliché exists it well...gives people what they expect. I don't think shoving this lot in par-cans behind a band can really be called design any more but it does sort of work. On a related note I'm not 100% sure I can envisage L079 and L106 actually working that well together (though L079 and something nice and yellow can look quite nice behind a band IMHO) but I'm sure I've seen it done. Maybe L132 would be a better blue. To be honest I don't do the red white and blue thing much, but if you want "standard" that must be as close as you can get.
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In most rock'n'roll riders using in house lighting that I've seen (and operated I must point out), they tend to ask for Red (L106), Blue (L119), Amber (L135) and A.N. other colour, either a pink/purple (L126/L128/L111) or green (I prefer L116, tho it's a turqoise but I prefer it to L124 in rock'n'roll situation). Sometimes if they just specify the colour and not the gel number, I would go for a slightly lighter shade from the front, to pick out the faces slightly better than with the darker colours. (sorry, prob should have said, I'm talking about my experiences with 4 colour wash). If I can help it I try not to use Green from the font either, usually split the 4th colour so it's green from the back and a pink from the front.


Just my experiences, and by no means any kind of bible. I guess the above colours are standard as the majority of venues will have the colour in stock!






Little aside and slightly :) notably Van morrission always requests a L181 wash from the front, even with his sunglasses on!

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My personal choice would be:


106 - Red

128 - Bright Pink

118/119 - Mid/Dark Blue

105 - Orange

124 - Green



and then if you want something FOH for faces a nice 203 (quater CT blue) works well, I find it slightly softer than a harsh open white.

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cyan, magenta, primary red, dark blue and yellow route

hippys choice for the above would be

116 cyan

113 magenta

106 red

119 blue

010 yellow

im more inclinded to 126(dark pink/mauve) instead of 113 and 022 (amber) instead of yellow,chuckin some 201 and 180 and bobs your mothers brother

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L328 (Follies Pink) works well as well. Although I haven't tried it in a Rock 'n' Roll context thus far, we have some in some parcans in our current musical production, and with the smoke from pyro/etc it produces quite a nice effect (especially when contrasted against a saturated blue).
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and then if you want something FOH for faces a nice 203 (quater CT blue) works well, I find it slightly softer than a harsh open white.

I'm a bit confused by this statement, adding a colour correction blue to soften a harsh O/W? surely the addition of CT blue increases the apparent colour temperature, making more harsh....


As for a Rock 'n' roll colour Pallete, I always try to get the following:

Backlight: 126, 135, 116

4 point Wash: 106, 105, 119, 139

FoH / Side perches, Generally very little from the front, 201, 180 and 154

Oh yes and theres always 181 on the circle rail, can't forget the 181

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I agree with Neil on this one... I find 203 will make people look a tad on the sick side...if I have to use Foh, I'll stick to 341 or 154


And am I the only one that uses 120 instead of 119 and 027 instead of 106?


and lots of 181...with a bit of 135 from the sides... :)

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I always like to pair my colours, mostly contrasting.


What I genrally try to do is use strong bold colours, if I am lighting just a general show where nothing has been specified!


I like to use:

L101 (Yellow) with L105 (orange)

L795 (Magical Magenta) with L406 (Dark Magenta)

L714 (Elysain Blue) with L354 (Special Steel Blue)


I usually use strong primary's from the front and also make sure I have open whites in there aswell.


What I genrally like to achive is:

A warm wash

A Cold Wash

and an inbetween


It all depends on what size events you are lighting and what lanterns that you are putting them in, e.g. A deep blue wont work in a quartet but can look nice in a 1K par!


Hope this helps!



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I would consider a standard rock and roll par rig to have the following 6 color wash onstage.


L106 (Primary red)

L119 (dark blue)

L105 (Orange)

L116 (Medium Blue/Green)

L126 (Mauve)

L180 (Dark Lavender)


The L126 and L116 can also often be substituted for L181 (congo) and L139(Primary Green).


As for the front wash this is less standard but after working in a couple of the more well know london venues for a few years ( quite a while ago now) we used to have 5 or 6 big name bands a week who would use/supplement our house rig of 150k Pars I found that this was the most common combination. (key-lighting was almost always done with Source 4's).


Front Truss (3 Color Wash)


L106 (Primary Red)

L132 (Medium Blue)

L181 (Congo) - Mainly Used as fill between songs.

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