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  1. LimeLIGHT was very much PC first, even if we did have submasters etc. on screen. The planned wings were never actually finished. Sadly it only ever lost money though, so the two of us are now doing other things, which rather limits the amount of support we can provide.
  2. Tev (stagebus) had to fight for *months* to get his moving heads that appeared in cash converters, when he very first started the business. He got the damn things back eventually though. They did at least take them off the shelf fairly promptly when he notified them that they were his though.
  3. I know a couple of people doing corporate sound things with them - they seem to like them.
  4. Whenever I heard "walls of light" I hear my friend at enlx suggesting Svoboda's. Regrettably I've never had a call to use them in that way myself, but I've seen others use them as wall of backlight, in which role they're very effective. That said I have seen the tightly shuttered profiles thing done effectively, all be it for dance.
  5. He's written a few. I've read the introduction to rigging, but I note has a couple of others now: On Amazon
  6. Which I recall being reasonably priced, when I wanted something else done.
  7. I can confirm that real milk on a woodern floor stinks for some time! we did animal farm one time, with a bucket of milk that gets knocked over (kicked by one of the pigs? I forget) and for at least a week afterwards you could smell it - the cleaners managed in the end I think. Not sure how.
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