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A Sense of Theatre

Rob Halliday

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Hello All,

For the last eight years, the lighting designer and theatre consultant Richard Pilbrow has been working on a book about the National Theatre. What started off as an attempt to explore what he's always perceived as the challenges of the National's two main theatres has blossomed into rather more than that - a history of the National company from its creation in 1963, the remarkable meetings of the great-and-good of the theatre of the day trying to define exactly what the National building should be, the planning of the building itself and the remarkable equipment designed and built for it, the struggles to get all of that cutting edge gear working, and the building open, and then the history of the building and company since, including the thoughts of some of the key people who have worked there over the years.

The book is called 'A Sense of Theatre'.

You can't get it just yet.... but as of today, if you want to help support it via Kickstarter, by just buying a copy or in a number of other ways, you can. 

Please do take a look...


I've been helping Richard on this and so am lucky enough to have read it. It is a unique perspective on the National Theatre, from perhaps the last person standing who was part of helping to bring the new building to life. 



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I backed it.

Shipping to Canada is an eye-watering 58 pounds.  I'm assuming that's Fedex hand delivered white glove service....



(Weirdly, shipping to the US is 38 pounds.  It's literally right there.  *points south*)


(I'll have it shipped to a relative's house and grab it next time I'm there...)

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Hey Bryson,

Shipping to Canada is interesting because we haven't actually specified that anywhere, so some Kickstarter pixies are doing that calculation all on their own, or it's defaulting to the 'rest of the world' price which is really based on some places that really are a long way away, particularly Australia/NZ. Let me investigate because as you say, there should surely be a better price for where you are.

However just to note that there's a lot of book in this book 500+pages, hardcover, which makes it quite heavy... and of course, good value once you get it... 😉




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It's all good. It can rest in my mum's library until I come back next. 😉

I suspect we are indeed being lumped in as "rest of the world" whereas North American rates would make more sense.  (There's three whole countries on this continent!)


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20 hours ago, themadhippy said:

Central america isnt a continent,its either north or south.

I guess technically the stuff north of the Panama Canal is "North America" but that's not how anyone uses the term.  North America is generally considered to be Canada, USA, Mexico.  Anyway, this is miles off topic...

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