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Foam for lining flight case


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To date I've always used "second hand" bits to box up equipment into the boxes at hand, but now need a reasonable large piece which is close to 10mm thick (to go down the side of a Yamaha O1V mixer which is a snug fit in the box). Most of the rest of the lining can be retained, but one side needs to be about 10mm thinner to make the mixer fit in at all!

The rest of the box is done with a quite hard/dense black foam with very tiny bubbles, which seems right for this job (it doesn't give a lot with a heavy mixer sitting on it), but I have no idea what to search for - I've only ever seen it in flight cases for bits of kit!

Any ideas on the right thing to look for / suppliers / comparison charts?

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I agree with all the posts & suggested sites on 'closed-cell foam'. Worth pointing out that cheaper open cell foam (sponge) is often used for lighter protection like small headsets but it will not hold heavier equipment, is more likely to tear and cannot be cleaned as easily.

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