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Tech Box Chairs


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We've had a long string of random office chairs for our operators in the Tech Box, but most of them don't last for very long before the back, base, or arms give out.

Does anyone have any recommendations for some good quality, hard wearing chairs (ideally with either optional or removable arms)?

We had looked recently at gaming chairs (after one operator brought their own in, but don't want to spend £400+ per chair

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Buy cheap chairs, repent later! A control room is a place of work, in exactly the same way as an office space or a meeting room. If a theatre's marketing or admin staff were made to sit on sub-standard chairs for the duration of their working day just because management didn't want to spend enough money on ergonomically-appropriate furniture for them, there'd be uproar - the same consideration should be applied to any other working area where staff spend long periods of time sitting at a workstation.

Exactly which chair is right depends on the layout of your room, consoles, etc. - but it's important to get the best one for the job. Spending a bit more money at the purchase stage will pay off over time when staff who spend hours each week in the control room don't have to call in sick because of bad backs, etc.!

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I'd argue that sound and lighting control positions should be subject to DSE assessments, and thus meet the spec as per DSE Regs (1992).


The work chair shall be stable and allow the operator or user easy freedom of movement and a comfortable position.

  • The seat shall be adjustable in height.

  • The seat back shall be adjustable in both height and tilt.

  • A footrest shall be made available to any operator or user who wishes one.

We have some of these in our sound control positions (elevation is needed for sightlines), they're quite comfy without being a super padded gaming chair style.

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3 hours ago, Bryson said:

"Operator Chairs" seems to be the magic Google Search term to use.  



(Also, top marks to the marketers of "Gaming Chairs" who invented a way to sell office furniture to children.)

Also try draughtsman(s) chair

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