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XLR splitter


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I need a device that will split the one of the xlr outputs of a mixer in to two without affecting the output level.

I tried a simple XLR Y splitter cable but this causes the signal output level to drop down and we need to level to stay the same.

I have found units like THIS but I'm not sure if this will reduce the output level.

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What are you sending the split output to? For most normal setups a XLR Y split cable should not affect level, as the destination should have a very high impedance input. Just to check - you've definitely made a parallel split and not somehow created a series split?

A line distribution amplifier would solve the problem, but the symptoms you describe suggest that your system has issues that want addressing.

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We are splitting the output to an amp and an ATEM video encoder. For some reason as soon as we plug in the ATEM audio the level on the amp drops slightly.

If we turn the amp up when we disconnect the ATEM the level on the amp is too high.

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Which ATEM is it? 

Are you connected to a computer and the software?

The audio inputs are stereo, at Mic level, but can be switched in software to line in.

The software also gives you an audio mixer control, or allows the levels to be adjusted and left for an audio feed.

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