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small studio track for lights and tabs

Dave m

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Hi we are building a small AV studio, about 80 sq M. It's basically a conversion of an existing building.

I have zero faith in the design team who try to cut costs and insist we have to accept what we are given. I want to use COB video /photo lights from the ceiling as we have no storage space to keep them plus H&S get fussy about stands and floor cables. The space is multipurpose so getting the lights up and out of of the way is good.


I hope to use Doughty studio rail to move the lights bout and also use it for the drapes around the perimeter. That way we can have one set of accessories to fit the tracks and potentially hang projectors/TVs off any track that works. The design team insists on a false ceiling and I don't know why as I lose 500mm that way.


I would prefer that the rail is installed by a theatre supplier endnote by "Bob the Builder" 

Am I right?





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Idiots. Anyway, tell them the ceiling has to be black. My studio here does not have enough height to lose much, so is really simple. Scaff tube to hang the lights from and cut so the walls prevent sideways movement, and the weight supported direct from the ground on vertical tubes. I can hang and move things in a jiffy, and as the trim height is only just over 9ft, (too low really) 10ft to the ceiling, adjusting in my case is simple. Hanging requires some steps, that's all. Studio rail is great, but for this studio is a waste of money, because once you get a few things up in the air, you always end up adding another between them. Big spring clamps look after the drapes. They also have a clumsy person advantage. If, on my own, I trip or knock things, they let go and I have not ripped anything since starting the system. I think if the drapes were tracked, I'd have lost loads of ties from being careless.IMG_0172.thumb.JPG.6b17033d8cd1bd00df240175ca6ea33d.JPGIMG_0171.thumb.JPG.d2160540c7859b932b829dc76d6cdaf7.JPG

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If you have to cut costs and the Doughty track is suspect, a Unistrut based system is going to be:

  1. A bit cheaper
  2. Something non-specialist contractors may stand a chance of understanding how to install.
  3. Height saving vs pipe
  4. Easy to fit flush with the suspended ceiling.

I like these vs a regular Zebedee (but expect the people to come and argue that I'm not allowed to like them because they are more expensive...):  https://www.stagelightingstore.com/Light-Source-Uni-Bolt-for-Strut-Channels

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