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UV projection onto photosensitive sheet


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I'm working with small-scale cyanotype prints, but am considering working at much larger scales.  I appreciate that many projector lamps have some UV content, but even with a small throw, it can take several hours to get a print.  Does anyone know if there are UV bulbs available for standard amateur projectors?  Alternatively, of a source for, or access to, seriously UV projectors at theatre scale.

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You don’t need a projector. Unless your’re doing some kind of slide projected?

a friend has done cyanotype with just sunlight.

I lent her some LED UV floods and it was fine.

When doing silk screen printing, the artwork is just in contact with the medium and hit with a UV lightbox

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1 hour ago, DrV said:

You might not get very much UV out of a projector unless all the optics were made of a UV transparent material. I stand to be corrected but I believe ordinary silica glass is somewhat opaque to UV.

One only had to look at the colour of the light illuminating a clean projector lens to see how much UV is 'filtered' by the glass.

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