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Hi all,

I’ve had a good read but can’t find an answer so please be gentle if I’ve missed the obvious!

I play in a tribute band (uk based) and we are working in the likes of the O2 main rooms 1000-1500 ish kinda size for reference.

we have a couple of really big headlines at some festivals next year and starting to plan next year’s O2. The only current requirement is “there better be a mirror ball”.

I have made some videos to play out at the same time as us playing a few iconic tracks. I know we can hire in gear but I’m not 100% sure what I’m after. We have an iPad triggered by the drummer that plays backing elements that we aren’t playing live on stage (strings etc). The unit has midi out and I think I’d be able to make any required software changes to send time code. Been a while but I could Google!

anyway, what am I missing? How do I get from pipe dream to seeing stuff on a wall behind the band perfectly locked in? Do I need to hire someone?

Any help would be very much appreciated 


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Yes Dave, 

The festivals have on in place already - my question is more about how to trigger the videos to be in time with us. My thinking is that the drummer somehow fires the tracks from the iPad and we run video but not 100% sure. Maybe there’s an application for iOS or windows that would do what we need.

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I never quite understood why a band member with his back to the video and no idea what it looks like from out front was even considered for this. I have known keyboard players trigger images but always felt the timing was never perfect.

There is the peace of mind of not having to worry about two things but there is also the wonderful confidence booster of having someone else to carry responsibility (blame?)

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Getting a show on stage at a festival is a fraught experience at the best of times. If you’re serious about delivering a quality performance and all your elements hitting as you want them to then every single person needs to have one job to do and no distractions. Can your drummer reposition his drum, adjust the tuning, fix a low battery warning on the iPad / playback device, resolve networking and cabling faults, calibrate and interface with the venue screen all at the same time minutes before he has to start playing live? 

spoiler - he can’t. Musicians should focus on music, techs should focus on tech and a VJ should focus on VJ’ing; keep to this principle and you’ll be able to present a great performance for your audience. 

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