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Small mixer (with USB) ideas?


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Hi everyone.

I'm looking for a simple analog mixer that 'anyone' can use. 
Had a call from a friend the other day who does a lot of transcriptions from board meetings and hearings - that sort of thing.

He asked me to take a mixer and a few mics to his place for a demo so they understand how recording a meeting would work, and show they can get the audio sent off pretty much instantly.
I took my X32 Rack and recorded to a laptop. Topped and tailed the file. Sent him an MP3 on his phone in a minute. 

Also did a L/R backup on a USB Drive for them, and that's what I'm looking for… Is there a small analogue mixer that I can't see that has both an output to a computer and a local USB out?

I've only seen it on an X32 / A&H QU or better… 

Cheers, Adam

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not USB recording but..

The Zoom L8 uses an SD card, records iso and mix.

It also has a USB out to computer - might record store a stick?

It also has a phone input which may be of use? The phone channel is mix minus to enable a phone in participant not to be freaked out by hearing themselves.


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Thanks, guys. SD card is cool. Didn't think of that - was just in USB mode looking at my X32.

I do like the look of the Presonus. Think that's a goer.
Totally unfounded, but I've never ever liked Mackie mixers. 

The Zoom having one control section with the channel select thing might be confusing.
Has to be 'put all the knobs and faders in the middle and record'.

Looking at these three desks goes to show how cheap the XR18 and that family is. You get loads for your money!

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