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Monitor Screen Recommendations

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A theatre venue has recently invested in a BlackMagic 40x40 (Not the 12G version) to distribute its visual relay, backstage. What are your suggestions for the most cost effective monitor screens to use (UK based)? I know they can go down the route of a standard HDMI monitor via a BlackMagic converter, but ideally it would be good to have something with a BNC/SDI port already in to cut down on adapters. Looking for screens around the 21/23" size. From my searching thus far I'm being taken into the TV world with 7" monitors for £1k..... not ideal when you need to buy several monitors!
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TV / dekstop monitors are the way to go. We use a bunch of dells as monitor displays.


If you go TV route I would avoid d0mestic and go for something rated for a bit more hours and use, like Samsung's PM or QM series, with hdmi adapters which you can power off the usb. I am sure others have it but the higher than d0mestic Samsung's can do network launch and schedule etc which might not be the worst thing.

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