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Health and Safety

Fred Reid

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I hope the outcome for your incident wasn't too bad.


Some nasty burns to the hands which put his project six months behind but it could have been much worse. I only heard about it as I was covering a vintage event the guy was at and he was telling all and sundry just what the risks were.

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A friend of mine managed to set his trousers on fire with angle grinder sparks, he'd forgotten that some diesel had been spilt on them earlier that day.


Thankfully no serious injury, although he took a while to live it down. As folks have said above, the grinding was a "one minute job" that hadn't been given a second thought.

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This is the sort of thing that I wear for most work or indeed leisure activities that innvolve risk of fire.



flame retardent warehouse coat



No specific recomendation is made regarding that seller or that brand of product, link provided to show the TYPE of garment to which I refer.

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And if work or leisure takes you near open water, do wear a life preserver !


I recently fell into the sea and was glad of said life preserver ! I was standing in an open boat about to offer a helping hand to a kid stepping into the vessel. The child slipped from the pontoon into the boat thereby knocking me into the water.

I would probably have been fine without any precautions, but it is well to be cautious.


It was a large boat, but definitely a boat and not a ship.

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