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Attaching a projector to a girder?

Karel Bata

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Any ideas on a cheap way to attach a projector to an overhead girder? It'll be up there for a month, so hiring something would be expensive. No real budget.

Projector is 260 x 216 x 60, and weighs 2.5kg (with media player). Not a big one. Venting is out of the front.


I have plenty of time, and a skilled helper, to make/adapt something.

Cheers! wink.gif


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Difficult to suggest how to hang it without knowing anything about the girder, but basically you need either a shelf, a shallow box tray with some form of hanging bracket or a hanging pole with a plate that screws to the bottom of the (upside-down) projector. Hanging poles are available at various price points; box trays can be made up from whatever metal or wood that you have around. Normal caveats apply about mounting anything above where people might be.
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if it's scaf, then a simple truss clamp or G clamp off amazon might do? just replacing the short bolt with something like studding for more drop.

then a home made plate


But I have used tons of these






you'd have to engineer a girder clamp it's an I beam. Plus a safety.

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If you have the projector mounting bracket, then it's a fairly simple job. Use gravlocks and scaff if you have the facility to attach to that (half coupler, hook clamp, Unicol expensive-and-hateful-hooky-thingy-that-doesn't-do-as-good-a-job-as-it's-price-tag-suggests).


If no scaff mounting system and want a lower profile with a directly bolted mount, then Unistrut channel and bits of stud, bolts, nuts, washers, and whatever else clamps that grip the I beam.

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I'm thinking of perhaps using a steel document tray and building around that. Then add the gravlocks and a bit of scaff.


If you don't have a mounting bracket for the projector, including the relevant holes in the right places, and don't fancy fabricating one from a document tray one option that I've seen is a wide piece of slotted cable tray as the basis for a custom cradle that sits under the projector. Alternatively, the slots in the tray plus big washers are used along with the mounting screws to attach the projector to the metalwork that clamps the girder.

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