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Bluray Issues for film festival

Guy Tec

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HI guys,

I work on a film festival and it's in its 8th year this year, but following pressure from film makers who contributes they want their films to be show in Blu-ray.

so we have upgraded our system from a composite video signal mixer and now have a Roland V-1HD 4 hdmi input which is fantastic, it also has HDCP on / off option

this works well and the Blu-ray plays through to output fine (mainly with a occasional picture anomalies)but when we hook it up to our Sanyo XP200L projector (Vie Hdmi to DVI lead) the picture is either pink all over or corrupted in some way.

all the films are the original copies straight from either the distributor or direct from the film maker ?

so my question is do any of you know of any solutions ? have you come across this problem.


Cheer guy

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I'm under the impression that the path from the blu-ray player to the output device has to be HDMI (or the other thing that is HDMI over another connector I cant remember the name of), as part of the blu-ray spec. Blu-ray players don't have decent resolution outputs other than HDMI.
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Did you find a fix yet?


HDCP - the Sanyo DVI is HDCP compliant.


HDCP - don't think the On/Off on the Mixer works the way you may expect.


BD > Projector - have you tried a direct connection?


Mixer > Projector - you don't say how long is the Output cable?



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