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Phantom of the Opera - Chandelier Bulbs


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Hi guys,


I have a production of Phantom of the Opera coming off in March and I'm looking to order around 30 12v 2w dimmable LED bulbs.


Ideally round or golf ball in shape and not the candle style due to spreading the light evenly.


Finding anything above 5w is easy but due to power restrictions they have to be 2w.


I am in the Glasgow, Motherwell area. Does anyone know anyone that would have such? Or even know anywhere online to buy such an item?


Thanks in advance!


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They're not 2W, but you could buy some of the WS2811 LED strings from China. 50 or so LED's on a string for about 20 quid. You'd not be using them for anything like what they're capable of (they do RGB mixing) but with a cheapo DMX - WS2811 converter (there's a great seller from Israel selling them on eBay at the minute) you'd have dimming control of every single one of them and could mix your own warm white. Heck, you could even pixel map across the thing as you'd have individual control over every LED! You could cluster a few LED's together if light output wasn't bright enough.

It'd have the benefit of only needing one supply (I'd personally feed 12 or 24V to the chandelier and drop it to 5V for the strings using buck converters) and a DMX cable, which I guess could be wireless. Depending on if you're flying and dropping the chandelier your DC could come from batteries and then you'd have no cabling to worry about. Just a thought!

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Have a look at some topics on buying lamps and call those suppliers, I cannot remember the name but there is a company based in germany but uk stock as well who sell EVERYTHING for a pretty good price , they were listed in LSI a few years ago.


Also your local electrical wholesaler, might be able to help out, lots of people want things like that for their house, so you might be in luck with that.

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Hi guys!


Many thanks for the replys.


Yeh, we are running it all from a 26Ah 12v battery hence the low wattage due to it being on the full length of the performance.


We also have a matinee on the Saturday so battery charging will also be an issue so the lower the wattage the less power we use from the battery, hence less charging time.


I've had been thinking about just a static warm white strip of LED tape but it sounds much more footery than it needs to be I think. I'll keep an eye out.


Someone at stagelamps in East Kilbride thinks he can source me some stuff so waiting on an e-mail from him!


The Kid - If you ever remember the name of that company be sure to let me know. Ta!




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I think that you will struggle to find dimmable 12 volt LED lamps. I doubt that either of the two ebay listings that are linked too will be for dimmable lamps. Indeed they both state that the lamps work over a wide range of input voltages, which probably rules out dimming.


I can recommend a UK supplier of 2 watt 12/24 volt LED lamps, but these are either non dimmable OR they have a version with two different but fixed outputs, not continuously variable.




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Hi Guys!


Many many thanks for all your replies!


We managed to get 1.5w dimmable LED bulbs and there is a link to a photo here.


A 40ah 12v battery and RC4 wireless dimmer did all the hard work for us!


Many many thanks for all your suggestions!



Technical Director

Shine Youth Music Theatre

t: 07825701710

e: chris@shineyouthmusictheatre.co.uk

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