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Custom Build Puppets


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I am researching into custom build puppets for a project a few other and I are working on and have been quoted £180 for a half body monster puppet with 2 live operated arms. It is completely artificial fur, at a complete height of 65cm and an arm span of 1.25m.

It is similar in style to that of Trekkie Monster from Avenue Q.


Another puppet I have been quoted for is a rod arm operated puppet, fleece covered, with beady eyes. For this one I have been quoted £60 and it is 55cm in height with an 80cm arm span. (vaguely reminiscent of the Virgin TV 'Red' character).


Do people think these costs are acceptable for too high? and if you know anywhere I might be able to get something similar for cheaper (just nothing mass produced) let me know.




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Spitting image used to cost out each of their puppets at around £2000 each to make and that was 20 years ago. Henson's will make you puppets and charge you £10k for the privilege (with lots of strings attached when it comes to ownership of copyright), the local ladies sewing guild will charge you a nice cup of tea and some biscuits to sew up a puppet. The various people who make puppets for kids TV will charge you anything from £200 upwards (depending on durability and intended use) for custom made rod/arm puppets.


You can pay just about any price you want for a puppet to be made - whether the quality is acceptable relative to your expectations and the price you're willing to pay is another matter & since what you're asking for is entirely is a bespoke item for an undefined project it is impossible for anyone else to tell you what the "right" price is.

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When you factor in materials alone I'd say the larger puppet is probably costing the maker around £80 just to make it, so £160 is cheap. Either this is a real bargain, or the quality will be fairly shoddy (or the maker is shy about charging for their time). Any pictures?
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