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Venetian blinds/louvres as a stage divider...


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Another unusual enquiry. I'm doing another of these Burlesque shows at our venue and as with the last one, the choreographer has a few slightly off piste ideas for what she wants to do with the stage. The first is what I can really only describe as a full stage venetian blind that I can backlight.


Ideally it would need to be one complete run (around 25 feet wide 15 feet 6 high) but practically I'm expecting to have to do it in smaller sections.


Anyone know of anywhere that might have something of this ilk in hire stock?

I will be doing the usual rounds, but here is as good a place as any to start. :)




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Standard 'made-to-measure' blinds are made using off-the-shelf extrusions cut to length. It's rare to get thin wall extrusion in lengths greater than 3m hence the top and bottom rails are going to need to be made from multiple sections. The slats themselves should be OK as they come on a roll so can easily be cut to any length needed.


Where you might struggle is finding someone who can fit the lengths you need in their factory.


On the other hand, they are very simple to put together yourself and it ought be possible to track down a wholesale supplier of Venetian blind components.

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