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Cat 5 for Analogue


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Hi All,

Got a potential situation coming up where I may need to do a few longish runs (25-40m) of analogue lighting control cable. Now due to the length of time of the event, and the fact that I now own a fair few analogue dimmer packs and a demux, I'm thinking it may be more cost effective to buy a reel of Cat 5 and stick some DIN plugs on the end, rather than hiring each time I need to use my own equipment.


Obviously with the caveats about Cat5 not neccessarily being tremendously flexible, etc etc, is there any technical reason why I couldn't do this? I realise it's probably a smaller CSA than 'proper' analogue control cable, but there isn't a huge amount of current going down an analogue control cable is there? Thinking about it, I could even swap or supplement the 8-pin DIN connectors for/with RJ45's or ethercon for ultimate flexibility (well, as ultimate as analogue control gets!) if this is a go-er!





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I agree with timsabre with what he says


If you are buying cat5 get stranded as it will last longer also it may cost more than solid and will work better for what you want to do with it.


I am up some like you but it is with a DMX distribution system that was from old hall. you have a main box that is mains powered and DMX goes in and cat 5 out to wall boxes. I am going to put the wall boxes on the old extension reals with cat 5 on them and use it for running DMX around rooms or halls to where I need DMX

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For Cat5 make up short leads from stranded patch with DIN to RJ45.


long run out of solid core Cat5, easy to crimp connectors in situ, and use RJ45 back to back couplers either end.


CCA, copper clad aluminium, Cat5 is even cheaper than alarm cable.


Dispose of long run after event...

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