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DIY Comply "Like" Foam Tips


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Hi all


If like me you find some products too expensive, then have a look at my DIY foam tips.


Basically the foam tip is just a filler between the phones speaker and the walls of your ear to allow a comfortable fit and also cancelling


some outside noise.


Just make sure the conelike sleeve or shank etc. slightly protrudes or is flush with the end of the tip so as not to cover the sound coming out of course.


http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j238/npilcs/DIY%20Comply%20Like%20Foam%20Tips/DIYComplyfoamtips.jpg' alt='DIYComplyfoamtips.jpg'>



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is the screwdriver for levering the orange bit out after it gets stuck in you ear canal?



Well it could be...:-) But seriously these do stay on quite well and the plugs pictured do have a lovely soft feel like comply.


I also use a bread punch, the type you use for fishing. They usually have an assortment of brass heads of various sizes, I just choose the


smallest head, squeeze the bud then hammer on the punch for a nice clean cut.



I've used them on my daughters phones which have quite a short shank with a rim that catches the foam and they stay on also.




You don't have to shove them through the second bend of the ear canal. As long as it comfy, creates a seal and has no obstruction on the speaker then


it does exactly a good a job as any ear tip. You can never cancel out all sound with any tip, even if you poured concrete in your ears...Ha ha ha!!!

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Mine are Goldring, nice sound too.


To reiterate


Comply tips are a material that is soft, dense, sound absorbent & has memory to reform to it's original shape. All the mentioned criteria make for a perfect scenario for in ear phones.

If you can reproduce this criteria then you have the same function. The ear protectors are made for canceling outside noise in the workplace primarily, so are ideal

for the job as long as the opening to the speaker is not restricted when inserted (don't cut too long). The ones pictured are particularly good for the job I find. other makes may be not as.


As stated they are simply a seal around the speaker to stop outside noise and for comfort, you do not have to shove them around the second bend of the ear canal.

Some people may find they have smaller or larger canals so they may not be perfect for everyone unless they sell them in different sizes!


If like myself you'd like to save a hell of a lot of money. then give it a try. Probably best going with the hole/bread punch if it is you're first attempt...:-)


Good luck p.mc

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